55th ISU Congress: Changes accepted for Singles/Pairs and for Ice Dance

Official ISU Communications posted on Jun 24:

~ Communication No. 1874
Single & Pair Skating
Сhanges in Special Regulations and Technical Rules accepted by the 55th ISU Congress
I. General Regulations
II. Special Regulations
III. Technical Rules
IV. Clarification to the ISU Communication No. 1861

~ Communication No. 1875
Ice Dance
I. Various Changes in the General Regulations, Special Regulations and Technical Rules Accepted by the 55th ISU Congress
II. Corrections to ISU Communications 1857 and 1860 (Requirements to Technical Rules Season 2014/15 and with Ongoing Validity Effective July 1st, 2014)
III. Part of the Requirements for Technical Rules for Short Dance Season 2015/16

I thought these documents were worthy of a new thread although some of the changes have been reported/discussed in other threads.

BTW, for season 2015/16, the SD Pattern Dances:
-- Ravensburger Waltz for Seniors
-- Starlight Waltz for Juniors