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Thread: Daria Popova Teams Up With Andrey Novoselov For France

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    Daria Popova Teams Up With Andrey Novoselov For France

    Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere.

    Just found a link on Daria's Facebook page pointing towards an interview she has done with Absolute Skating:

    In it she reveals her new partner and talks about their plans for the future. She also talks about last season, and the split with Bruno Massot.

    Oh, and Brian Joubert also gets a mention!

    A very interesting read


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    Wow this is messy.
    Very messy

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    All the best things in life are messy. Child birth, activities 9 months before child birth, cooking a great dinner. Just to name a few.

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    mmmh... there's so much (justified) resentment

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    I don't blame her for how she feels. Good luck with her new partnership.

    If French don't release Massot and Germans don't release Savchenko, I wonder whether she would be happy to give up on her plan of Olympics, or whether she will find a partner she knows would be released. Or whether they will be the first ones who would ask ISU for release claiming that either German Federation or French Federation are unreasonable.

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