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Thread: Swedish Nationals 2014/15 11-14 December

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    Swedish Nationals 2014/15 11-14 December

    Svenska Mästerskapen 2014/15, 11-14 December in Västerås

    Online stream with archived videos

    Entries and Results

    Official web site
    Information in English
    Competition and practise schedule(pdf)

    Main excitement will be between Viktoria Helgesson, Joshi Helgesson(if healthy?) and Isabelle Olsson, who compete for the two spots at European Championships in Stockholm. I'm not that familiar with the junior ladies but I don't think any of them can compete with these three.

    Swedish men has one spot at EC. If Majorov can't compete there I guess Solomin(junior), Obreykov(junior), Björk and Spiegl compete for the spot.

    The Swedish Federation will release the Euro Team after Nationals.

    Ouch for injuries in nations with few skaters on an international level. Get well Joshi and Alexander!


    Linnea Mellgren
    Elin Hallberg
    Isabelle Olsson
    Cecilia Frydén
    Susanna Frydén
    Joshi Helgesson
    Viktoria Helgesson
    Fredrika Lasomè
    Johanna Wick
    Rosanna Soufizadeh

    Ondrej Spiegl
    Trevor Bergqvist
    Alexander Majorov
    Marcus Björk

    Junior Ladies

    2 members of the Swedish National Team(should be the best then):
    Matilda Algotsson
    Anita Östlund
    Mathilda Löfgren
    Tilda Alteryd
    Josefin Taljegård
    Tilde Freiholtz
    Johanna Forsberg
    Ebba Lindevret
    Alice Nyman
    Natasja Remstedt
    Jennifer Kvist
    Sabina Lööf
    Elin Sievert
    Clara Callne
    Elsa Spenninge
    Josefin Flomén
    Victoria Englund
    Stina Fredriksson
    Olivia Jengard
    Louise Jensen
    Esmeralda Andersson
    Danielle Kristensson
    Melissa McIntyre-Andersson
    Lydia Bruhn

    Junior Men

    Mikael Nordebäck
    Ilya Solomin
    John Olof Hallman
    Anton Rönnfors
    Mandus Thorman
    Nicky Obreykov
    Wilhelm Ejderstav

    Interesting young skaters
    Anastasia Schneider (novice girls 15, USM flickor)
    Gabriel Folkesson and Nikolaj Majorov (novice boys, USM pojkar)
    ...and surely many others as well

    Preliminary schedule

    Novice girls 13 short 15.00
    Novice boys short 17.00
    Opening ceremony 18.00
    Junior ladies short 19.00

    Novice girls 15 short 12.00
    Junior men short 14.00
    Novice girls 13 free 16.00
    Senior men short 19.00
    Senior ladies short 20.00

    Novice girls 15 free10.00
    Novice boys free 12.00
    Junior men free 14.00
    Junior ladies free 16.00

    Senior men free 11.00
    Senior ladies free 12.00
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    Thank you, snowflake,

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    I can't find confirmation on the official page, but it looks like the event will be live streamed?

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    It's confirmed

    Live stream starts today 15.30 Central European Time with novice girls.

    Joshi writes she is fit enough to compete. She practices all triples, though not many at a time to spare her foot.

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    So happy for Helgesson girls! :3
    See you on Europeans, Viktoria & Joshi!!! <3

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    Does Sweden decide who to send to the worlds on the basis of national results or on the basis of Europeans?

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    The Swedish Federation has not named their world teams. Perhaps they even wait until after the Winter Universiade and Nordics.

    The Euro teams were decided on the basis of nationals + results during the autumn:
    Viktoria & Joshi Helgesson and Alexander Majorov.

    Competitors at the Winter Universiade and Nordics

    Winter Universiade 2015
,Granada, Spain
 4–14 Februari.
    Senior Ladies
Viktoria Helgesson, Tibro KK
Linnea Mellgren, IFK Helsingborgs KK

    Senior Men
    Ondrej Spiegl, Eskilstuna IK

    Marcus Björk, Malmö KK

    The Nordics 2015, 
Stavanger, Norway 
11–15 februari
    Senior Men
    Alexander Majorov, Luleå KK

    Ondrej Spiegl, Eskilstuna IK

    Marcus Björk, Malmö KK

    Senior Ladies
    Joshi Helgesson, Tibro KK

    Isabelle Olsson, Mörrums KK

    Linnea Mellgren, IFK Helsingborgs KK

    Junior men
    Illya Solomin, Solna Konståkning

    Nicky Obreykov, Vallentuna KK

    John Olof Hallman, Landvetter KK

    Mikael Nordebäck, Skating & Dance Academy

    Junior Ladies

    Matilda Algotsson, Solna Konståkning

    Anita Östlund, Landvetter KK

    Victoria Englund, Tibro KK

    Josefin Taljegård, Göteborgs KK
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    Thank you, snowflake!

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