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Thread: Ando Completes Set of Junior Worlds Medals

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    Post Ando Completes Set of Junior Worlds Medals

    Japan's Miki Ando capped her junior career by winning the gold medal at the 2004 World Junior Figure Skating Championships in the ...


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    Nice article. Miki sounds like she is very committed to doing well as a skater. She has even planned a career in skating. Thanks for posting.

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    I'm very grad to see Golden Skate have her article
    and appreciate.

    Follows are some correction.

    >She even changed her skate blades to gold during the summer.

    She changed her skate blades to gold during 2002-2003 season
    before 2003 Jr Worlds.

    >Ando has also won five Junior Grand Prix events since 2001

    six (eight if final counted)

    >She trains with both Nobuo Sato in Nagoya and Sachiko Kozuka in Yokohama.

    Nobuo Sato in Yokohama and Sachiko Kozuka in Nagoya


    Shinkansen. TGV is french train.

    >She was third in novice in 2000, third in juniors in 2001 and third in seniors in 2002

    1998-1999 third in novice b
    1999-2000 first in novice a, seventh in junior
    2000-2001 first in novice a, third in junior
    2001-2002 first in junior, third in senior
    2002-2003 first in junior, fifth in senior
    2003-2004 first in junior, first in senior

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    Thanks for the fine article, Paula and Barry M. It looks like Miki is a determined person who is on track to fulfill her Olympic dreams in 2006.

    Miki Tan, I enjoy your posts about skating in Japan very much. You always bring such interesting information to the forum.


    PS. Here is a picture of the TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse)

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