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Thread: A stroll down Memory Lane...

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    A stroll down Memory Lane...

    I just found out about the Rinkside site (it is so amazingly awesome!!!), and I spent a very happy afternoon watching some classic programs that I hadn't seen in years. Here are some thoughts that came to my mind:

    --Katarina's "Carmen" has to be the best artistic program I've ever seen. The choreography to the music was just spectacular. I was surprised it didn't receive any 6.0's. However, I was really surprised to see that she only did two kinds of jumps (toe & salchow; she doubled the loop).

    --Also from the '88 Olympics, Midori Ito was technically SO much better than anybody else! She did 7 triples compared to everybody else's 4 or 5. AND she performed every kind of triple (minus the axel) as well as a triple toe-triple toe combination. She should've gotten 6.0's for her technical mark. Her program would still be competitive today. Midori was truly a wonder.

    --I always thought Oksana Baiul's winning performance at the World Championships was clean. But I was surprised to see that she clearly two-footed her double axel at the end. Plus she didn't do any combination at all. Her choreography was quite good, however. I think perhaps she turned pro before really realizing her full potential, especially on the technical side. I remember her doing a beautiful triple salchow-double loop combo at a practice at the Olympics; I don't know why she didn't do one in an actual performance.

    --Back to Katarina. Her Cincinnati World performance was probably her best technically. She landed 5 triples (2 toes, 2 salchows, 1 loop), and I remember reading in "Inside Edge" than one of them had a slightly flawed landing, but they sure looked clean to me. She clearly outskated Debi Thomas, who skated very well right before landing 5 triples but Debi two-footed her loop. It's the best I've ever seen Katarina jump.

    Anyways, I recommend Rinkside for everyone. It's a great program to relive some amazing skating.

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    I've been thinking about getting into Rinkside but I was wondering if it's possible to get virus' or worms by downloading like that. It seems very popular now.

    I'd love to see Witt's program and many of the others I've never got a chance to see.

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    I dont use rinkside, but I have used soulseek which is a similar program. Any time you file share you run the risk of downloading corrupted files or spyware.

    Just be sure you have a good antivirus software.

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    Why when I try to access rinkside it tells me that it cannot connect to the target machine??

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