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Thread: Sasha at Marshall's wow..

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    Sasha at Marshall's wow..

    I just downloaded a blurred copy of Sasha's free skate at Marshalls and thought really, wow wow wow. To be honest Ive always like her dramatic skating a lot but she really did pull off those jumps. Each on except the axel, I think, was landed verysmoothly without any bobbles. Also her spins to be more well controlled and she seems to have better quality and control of her edges now.

    I know she's been criticised my lots for the new program but I really like it. It's more off the beaten track Swan Lake with the more serious bits ie the part with the Split jump and the triple toe loop. The last part where she coincided the crescendo with the spiral before the final spins I thought was magnificent too.

    I heard Robin told her to view the program as a whole and not to focus on individual jumps and that's probably worked for her. Hopefully it's not a one off again bt I guess half the battle is won when u have a clean skate under your belt. I guess for Shizuka she;s sort of proved herself with the Worlds and also the Marshall's Skate which was pretty good too.

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    I hope you get to see it on TV in a clear version. I hated it at Worlds but did a complete 180 on RW's "Swan Lake" after watching Sasha's skate at Marshall's. Still love Tarasova's version, but IMO, it wasn't designed for Sasha, hence Sasha was never comfortable skating it. Still like the black and white costume better

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