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Thread: Apology to ApacheApache

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    Apology to ApacheApache


    I feel as though I owe you an apology for having criticized some of your past posts on Golden Skate. I thought that sometimes the way you phrased your questions gave an opportunity for critics of Michelle to pounce on them as a chance to get in some digs against our best gal.

    I have spent some time re-reading what you actually wrote, and it now seems clear to me that I was wrong to jump to any conclusions. Certainly the originator of a thread is not responsible for what other people might later contribute, and furthermore, in a public forum there will always be pros and cons on every issue.

    Your threads and posts always spark a lot of interest, and add both to the eclectic mix of opinions and to the courtesy among members that GS is rightly known for.


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    Re: Apology to ApacheApache

    I think Apache is cool and I like some of his threads.
    Let's play a little game(*sense humor required*)

    Name the title of Apache's next MK thread..:D

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    Re: Apology to ApacheApache

    Mathman, I was taken aback by this thread. Seriously, I wasn't offended at all by some of the remarks you made. Or is it because I'm not a native speaker hence I have failed to read between the lines in your posts? :lol:

    No, please, you need not have apologised. If you must, apology accepted in a heartbeat. I'm not trying to be Mr. Nice Guy, I just think it's very easy and normal to misconstrue one's posts. Afterall, initially I thought Rgirl was a Kwan basher and I was very frustrated by her incessant criticisms of Michelle's inability to espress her whole body. :lol: Later on I realised I was so wrong and I have started to appreciate her long-winded thesis. And I really appreciate her making the effort to defend me when there were misunderstandings of my posts from time to time.

    Anyway, it's my style to voice my opinions in a direct manner. And it's my character to try to be fair and not let myself be consumed by prejudice. I thought Michelle's layback before her unique hands-clasped-behind-back layback was ugly, hence the thread "Is Michelle's layback ugly". I also think the most decorarted skate in the US should be Dick or Carol hence the thread "Objectively speaking - the most decorated skater in the US" where I asked why Michelle was the most decorated skater and why not Dick or Carol. But really, I'm just a non-skating fan who has taken notice of the sport solely because of Michelle. I've asked lots of questions some of which have been stupid or tactless. The problem with me is I love statistics and comparisons. I do realise my threads tend to attract bashings.

    Excidra, very funny. Anyway, I read your post that you are dating an Asian girl. All along I thought you were a she! Sorry.

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    Excidra's game

    I am glad to know that Apache is cool and sincere.

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Let's play a little game Let's play Name the title of Apache's next MK thread[/quote]

    1. Is Michelle ________?
    2. Is Michelle _________?
    3. Is Michelle ______?
    4. Is Michell _______________?
    5. Is Michelle ________?
    6.0. Is Michelle ________?
    7. Is Michelle ______?

    8. Is Michelle_____?
    9. Is Michelle ______?
    10. Is Michelle __________?

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    Re: Excidra's game

    Is that Apache's or Mathman's titles. :rollin: :rollin:


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    Re: Excidra's game

    Mathman's title will be
    1. Michelle is __________
    2. Michelle is___________
    3. Michelle is __________
    4. Michelle is __________
    5. Michelle is __________
    6.0 Michelle is __________
    7. Michelle is __________
    8. Michelle is __________
    9. Michelle is __________
    10. Michelle is __________

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    Re: Apology to ApacheApache

    Apache! What's this I read? You say it was YOU who thought Michelle's layback with the hands clasped behind her was ugly?! I thought you only used the word ugly because OTHER PEOPLE were using it! Well, I am SHOCKED! Here I thought you loved everything about Michelle from her earlobes to her pinkie finger and now I find out you thought her "heart layback" was "ugly!" (Heavy sobbing.) Apache, I feel so betrayed. I even defended you! Oh, woe! Is no one besides Mathman utterly and totally besotted with Michelle?

    Aw, screw it. I just don't care anymore! (Melodramatic gestures.) If you thought Michelle's layback was ugly, well (sigh), it's a free country
    BTW, I once called you a good egg. Of course I still think that. But I think the I would call Mathman the best egg

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    Re: Apology to ApacheApache

    Apache's topics make me think and I hate to think. I just wannabe a knoitall.

    Keep on sending in those unusual MK topics.


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    Re: Apology to ApacheApache

    I would have said that Mathman is not the only one utterly and totally besotted with Michelle, but then I remembered typing somewhere that I thought there wasn't enough lean to her back in the Ina Bauer at times. I'm off to flog myself than join the ApacheApache rank.... Carry on Mathman. Keep the torch burning. :D

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    Re: Apology to ApacheApache

    Apache, I think I understand Mathman's initial concern. There was a poster here, oh before SLC, who always prefaced her threads, "Now this isn't about Michelle, but........" The odd thing was her threads were ALWAYS intended to be about Michelle in a very negative way. She disliked Michelle, not on a skating level, but on a personal level for some reason. Anyway, that's in the past, and I find your threads always on the "up and up" with no apparant "hidden agenda". Keep posting away Apache........I like your style......:D 42

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