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Thread: I need help asap if you know about the philippines go here

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    I need help asap if you know about the philippines go here

    I need to have a report on the philippines due tomorrow and I havent started on the real report, but i have loads of notes, but if you know some info on the philippines please reply asap. thanx

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    I hate to say it, but a figure skating board may not be the best place to ask people to do your homework for you!

    I'd suggest putting "the philippines" into Google and seeing what you get.

    good luck anyway,

    k. (who, god knows, isn't in the best of positions to be offering academic advice, considering that I have exams within days and have not started revising yet!! )

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    That's a very broad topic. My SIL is from the Phillippines, but I really have no idea what you would want asked.

    Do you need info on the goverment? politicians? geography? flora? fauna? culture? history? the list can go on.....

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    Take a deep breath, organize your notes, do an outline, and start typing..........I wrote my best papers the night before they were due (no kidding)! 42

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    ok nevermind everyone, Its due today and I'm totally finished with it, poster, report, bibliography and all. I wonder what I'll get for a grade on it.. any guesses. lol

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