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Thread: Missed Carol Burnett Reuinion Show - Darn

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    Missed Carol Burnett Reuinion Show - Darn

    I completly forgot that Carol Burnetts' special was on Wed. evening. I was so tired from work. I had intended to watch, but had to go out for awhile and when I returned forgot to put the station on.

    Anyone here watch?

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    I only caught the last part, which was clips of her best Q&A sessions. The clips she showed were hilarious, and showed why I absolutely adore her (Carol Burnette). I wish I would have seen the rest because they had all her recurring guest stars on. I love Vicky Lawrence and Tim Conway. Maybe it will be repeated.

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    I seem to recall that during the broadcast they were advertising the DVD for it. (Yes, for the very thing we were watching; our "instant gratification" society is now flipping into "instant RE-gratification":D right before our eyes). Anyway, it might be available in stores next week, or you might be able to get info about it off

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    they will be re-airing this!

    I missed it too-Ladskater-to my chagrin. But-I see in the TV supplement today-they will be re-broadcasting this at 10:00pm EST next Saturday. Dick Van Dyke will be re-broadcasted just before.

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    IMHO, it wasn't as good as their last reunion special... bloopers are better than the "best" Q&A sessions

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