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Thread: Any West Wing fans?

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    Any West Wing fans?

    Last wednesday's episode was so sad... I'm glad that Josh flew out to see Donna though. It has always bothered me that the writers never explored a romance between those 2, I know it would be inappropriate in real world settings... but they are so obviously in love.

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    I am a sometimes fan, and caught bits of this week's episode. I like the show when it sticks to politics, and stays away from heavy drama. Therefore, I didn't much care for this last episode myself.

    I think Donna and Josh will eventually get together. After all, the White House has been known for inappropriate realtionships.

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    not exactly interesting in a show that ultimately skews political views... jhmo

    however I keep kicking myself in the pants everytime I miss Matthew Perry on that show... for those who watch regularly do you think he'll get more than a recurring role on that show? I may have to watch it if he is on there... even if I don't agree with most of what that show says.

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    I tune in and tune out of West Wing from time to time. I watch it for awhile and then start doing something else. I find the cast members seem to "mumble" and half the time I don't get what they are talking about. So I really don't know what happened in last night's episode. I did see Josh visiting Donna in the hospital. I guess that's the cliffhanger for next season.

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