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Thread: Articles on Yebin Mok and Dennis Phan!!

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    Articles on Yebin Mok and Dennis Phan!!

    Link to On Line Magazine with Phan and Mok articles

    Yebin is not taking any break from training in order to get the best prep possible for the new season. She is working on 3/3's and generally improving her program. She was completely thrilled at her standing ovation at Nationals and says it was her first. And she is very happy with Frank Carroll and Johnny Bevan.


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    Re: Articles on Yebin Mok and Dennis Phan!!

    Doris ... thanks for posting. Very upbeat article on both.
    I wonder what 3/3's Yebin will be working on. I can't remember ... did she attempt one at Nationals?

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    Dave Amorde

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    Yebin Mok

    Given her unique talents, I suspect that Yebin will be working on 3-Lutz/3-toe as her combo. This also allows her to include it in the short program, should she wish to do so.

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    Re: Yebin Mok

    I went back and rewatched my tape of Nationals ... I couldn't remember her jump content. I agree about the 3lutz/3 toe. After watching it, it does seem like this is something she would be very capable of doing. Her lutz looks very strong IMO.

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    ye bin...

    3lutz/3toe sounds like a good idea. She's certainly one of the most beautiful 3lutzes in the world! OMG, the new season is going to be so exciting.

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