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Thread: Cuban artist and MK

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    Cuban artist and MK

    Cuban artist's tribute to Michelle Kwan

    Martínez's installation is made up of nine images of St. Therese that stand before a ''skating ring'' made of salt from the Dead Sea, as if the figurines were judges in a competition. The piece is a tribute to figure skating champion Michelle Kwan.

    ''Michelle Kwan is someone I adore, she's an inspiration,'' says Martínez, 36. ``And my sister is named after Santa Teresita. She's sort of our family's patron saint.''

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    That's very interesting! But unfortunately you have to be a member to see the article

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    I became a member of the Miami Herald and read the article but there was no picture of the artist's work.

    And I don't see the connection between Michelle and St. Theresa. That was Tara's patron saint, from what I read.


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