I want to see Rohene Ward skate a complete program, hopefully with jumps in both directions.

I want to see Klimkin healthy and skating well again. I want to see that both ways camel and the salchow is it out of it landed brilliantly.

I want to see Yebin Mok healed and skating well, and landing those huge lutzes.

I want to see Tim Goebel, recovered from this year's troubles and landing those quads again, and hopefully with some improvements in other areas.

I want to find out whether Matthews/Zavozin can manage the bronze or silver in U.S. senior dance and whether they can manage the silver or gold at Jr. Worlds.

I want to see whether Jordan and Barrett continue to skate together, even though it is 3 years before they can compete in Seniors because she is too young for seniors and he is too old for juniors.

I want to see Vahktang and van der Perren again.

I want to see Irina skate her Queen of Spades program again.

And I want to see what Michelle is going to do next, of course.