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Thread: Strangest snacking habit

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    Tobasco sause on baked potatoes, and scrambled eggs.


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    The wilted spring salad with dandelions or other spring greens and bacon fat was thought to be a "spring tonic" even as late as my childhood! And all that bacon fat was recycled after the bacon was fried and eaten. Bacon fat made lots of things very tasty - like fried potatoes. Yum.

    I once had a teacher who remarked that our ancestors had nothing but lard and drippings to cook and bake with. He believed they may have died early, but they died happy! Then he would describe how pioneers and farmers made all those yummy cakes and pies and fried foods. Of course, he then said you've got to live like the Amish to get away with that diet! (no electrical appliances, horse-drawn plows and buggies, up before dawn and work hard until after sunset.)

    Still, as a treat, I suspect even a cardiologist would look the other way.

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