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Thread: American Idol Final 5/25

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    American Idol Final 5/25

    I only got to see this in bits and pieces because the phone would not stop ringing .

    Each idol got to sing three songs, the one that Tamyra wrote and two of their own choosing.

    Diana was up first and sang the Tamyra song. There was a gospel choir on stage singing with her. Randy and Paula liked it. Simon's complaint was that although she sang the song well , in her sixteen years she did not have the life experience feel that it is unfair to Diana. They knew her age prior to selecting the song, so why in the world did they choose one that puts one strike against her before she even opens her mouth ?

    I can't remember Fantasia's first song (the ****phone) the judges didn't think that it was her best though.

    Next Diana sang "Enough is Enough" and again the judges liked it.

    Fantasia sang "Summertime", judges liked it.

    Diana's final song was "Don't Cry Outloud'. Pitch problems, and poor response from the judges.

    Finally Fantasia sang Tamyra's song and recieved standong ovations from Randy, Paula, and the other AI contestants that were in th the audience. Simon proclaimed it her acceptance speech.

    Paul Anka sang a version of "My Way' as they showed a montage of this season. I kept thinking this is the guy who wrote "Having My Baby"

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    Last year he called Clay's "AI" song too broadway... it's just one more time he can say the #1 problem he has with teh singer he thinks won't make the big time

    at least with Clay he was so totally wrong... with Diana he may be DEAD ON.

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