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    New Programs

    Here are some of my latest programs for men. Some of them are quite different than you might be used to.

    Short Program
    Costume: blue and purple (bright), with a wave on the chest

    Male skater stands at an area near a corner, arms at sides feet together. When the music comes on he skates into a 4 Salchow-3 toe combination, which he does on the guitar. He skates circular footwork, gestuing for the audience to clap to his music, playing air guitar and acting like he is surfing, then skates into a sit-change-sit on the drums. He skates into straightline footwork doing much of the same poses and still getting the audience to clap, and does a triple Lutz out of the steps. On the second drums, he does a flying camel. Then he skates (still on the drums) into a flying camel-illusion-change-sit-cannonball-sit-change-upright sit-scratch-layback-scratch, then goes and does a 3 axel, does a surfing motion, and slides, as if a wave has "wipted him out."

    This program I wrote without the use of actual music, it's the only program I've created that's like this LOL.

    Long Program
    simply titled "Nonsense For The Senses"
    Music: Mozartr's 4th, Mozart's 4th techno remix, Beethoven's 5th, 5th techno remix
    Costume: white suit with strings attatched to the arms

    The skater is portraying a puppet. When the classical comes on, he acts like a puppet, then the "record" shuts off, and he skates to the techno remix as if it's natural.

    The skater stands at center ice with his back bent over, his arms at his sides. When Mozart's 4th comes on he stands up straight, and does moves with his hands. He moves very stiff, and he is clearly a marionette. He skates into circular footwork, and then stops and bends over again as the sound of a record being turned off comes, and after a second, the techno version comes on and he skates into a 4toe, serpentine footwork, this time acting totally natural and alive, then he does 3 axel-3 loop, illusion spin, 3 Lutz, then stops and bends again as there is silence, then Beethoven's 5th is played, he does more puppet moves, interpreting the music as best as a puppet can, doing circular footwork, then as the record stops again, he bends over, a second of silence and he skates into a 4 Salchow on the techno version. He skates into a 3 axel, then does 2 butterflies, a flying camel, 3 salchow out of the flying camel, a 3 toe, moves in the field, 3 loop, then a flying sit-cannonball-sit-change-layback-change-camel-illusion-scratch spin and skates into a 3 flip, then acts as if he's going to skate into another element, but the record sounds again, and he stops and bends again as if he is a puppet again.

    This program I think would be beautifully done by Brian Joubert.

    Long Program: "Life of A Star"
    Music: Debussy, Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp
    Costume: orange with fabric ("flares") hanging from the sleeves, the fabric is darker orange.
    Time: 2:02-6:42

    In this program he tells the life and death of our sun, from its birth as a star growing old into a giant, then white dwarf, red giant again, the supernova, and finally the black hole that emerges from its ruins. The flute represents the star, the viola the giant, the harp the dwarf and going back to giant, the supernova, then the black hole.

    NOTE: "Circular" in this context might as well be called "elliptical," because that is the shape of the orbit. Although our sun doesn't orbit the planets of course, it still orbits around other solar systems and galaxies and so on. Also the path he takes around the ice is elliptical.

    Feet apart, arms on chest, head bowed. He does some circular footwork arms out then in, legs kicking and tapping, at a moderate pace. At the violin he keeps doing the footwork, slower now, then at the flute he does a sit-change-sit spin with his hands behind his back. He skates off into a 4 flip on the harp. He does straightline footwork, arms moving up and down to create "flares." On the long flute note he does 4 toe. Then he does spread eagle into layback spin, with arms above his head. He does another spread eagle right out of the layback and does a flying camel-illusion into another spread eagle, then does 4 salchow on the long viola note. On the flute solo he does circular footwork, slow and hesitant, somewhat tired; the star is much older than it was. He does 3 axel. He does more circular footwork, moving his "flares" more rapidly. He does 3 Lutz. He does 4 toe-3 toe-2 loop then skates into a deathdrop. After exiting from that he skates into a spread eagle, into a 4 salchow-3 loop combination. He skates in an elliptical path then does 3 toe. He skates into a stretch spin, then does flying camel in both ways into 3 salchow. He skates into 4 flip-3 loop then straightline footwork. On the second flute part he does 3 loop. He skates into a 3 flip on the long flute note, then stops and bends backwards, arms out, then in. The sun is now nearing the end of its long life. He skates into a flying camel-sit-change-sit-scratch with arms above head-layback-change-Biellmann-sit-change-scratch. He stops and ends the program with his arms in a funnel-like shape, kneeling; he turns as fast as he can in this kneeling position once. He is now a black hole, the cycle (and the program) is complete.

    There are two versions of this next program. I like them both.

    Music: Selections from Mozart's Requiem
    Costume: black pants, red shirt with flowing sleeves, tight at the cuffs that have long ends, black vest with white waist.

    The skater stands with his hands in front of his face. As the music starts he turns, and skates into powerful circular footwork. He does 4 toe, then a 3 axel and deathdrop-Y spin, straightline steps, 4 toe-3 toe-2 loop, butterfly, flying sit, circular footwork that ends with a spread eagle, and he uses this to skate into a 3 axel-3 toe. He should be on one side of the rink at this time, ready to do straightline footwork. He stands with feet apart, his hands into fists now, forming an X close to his face. He does kicks and taps, keeping his hands where they are, then he does a fighting-type sequence, and turns and does an arabesque, continues the tapping (much like Yagudin's footwork) and does a 3 loop, then does a flying camel. On this decrescendo he does Moves In The Field sequence, starting with a spread eagle, then Ina Bauer, spiral sequence, spread eagle again, into 3 flip on the small crescendo, then deathdrop, and 3 Lutz. Now he does a flying camel, then a reverse flying camel into 3 salchow. He does a layback spin and serpentine footwork. At this time in the music all the cuts are finished except the final piece, the Amen. He skates into a flying camel-illusion-sit-cannonball-sit-change-upright sit-layback spin-change-Galindo-scratch.

    The second version

    Music: Mozart's Requiem, a slower version with Rex added to it.
    Costume: same

    Beginning Pose: Feet apart, arms out, hands in a "stop" motion.
    Immediately it goes to "Dies Irae" and he throws his hands up, looking up at the ceiling. He skates into crossovers into a 4 toe-3 toe-3 loop. On the violins he does a deathdrop-sit-upright spin. On the slow part he skates into circular footwork, turning and kicking and doing arabesques. On the male chorus he goes from that footwork into a 3 axel. He does a sequence of turns and goes into a 4 salchow on the repeat. He does straightline tap steps. In the ladies' part of the third repeat he does 3 axel-2 loop. He does more steps, and launches himself into a 3 Lutz ('Tano). He then does a sit-change-sit, then on the introduction to Rex he does a spread eagle-Ina Bauer sequence on different edges and stuff. He continues this Moves in the Field sequence with spirals and more spread eagles and hydroblades throughout this selection. This lasts a good 40 seconds. He goes to the end of the rink and takes his pose for the original part he had in Confutatis, and does the same straightline footwork, only slower (as the recording is slower) and different poses. From the footwork he does camels in both ways, then does an immediate 3 salchow. He then does Ina Bauer into 3 flip. He does a Potemerenko spin. He does a 3 loop, then a spread eagle-Ina Baurr sequence into a spin combination as the "Amen" begins. First Rabatin-sit-cannonball-sit-change-upright sit-catch foot-camel-illusion-change-scratch-layback-Galindo-stretch. He looks up at the ceiling his hands raised up.

    Looking through other programs, I will post more as they come, if people like what they read here. Yes I know some of these might be impossible LOL.

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    I love the Wipeout program.

    This is the all-time great teenage garage band song. When I had my garage band, everybody wanted to sit in on the drums!

    BTW, if anyone wants that Oldie-but-goody, it's on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack (part 2), along with some other great tunes from that era, like Do You Love Me by the Contours and (for the slow part) These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding.

    It also has Redding's "I'm Your Love Man!" I thought of a program to it for Tim Goebel, retitled "Quad Man." I sent it to Lori Nichol, but for some strange reason she hasn't used it yet -- probably saving it for the Olympics.

    I like seeing your programs, AA.


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    LOL yes that's where I got Wipeout :D I sent a tape to my friend David who is a junior skater, he loved every bit of it. (so proud) He wants me to be his choreographer when he turns senior. He likes my Atlantis program so much I practically reserved it for him.

    I have a spellbinding Romeo and Juliet program, as well as a Newsies one that I just came up with.

    Thanks Mathman! I love hearing your opinions! BTW, did I show the Nicholas and Alexandra program? Or my Robin Hood program?

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