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Thread: My teacher, Bob Summer...

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    before I give the latest on Mr. Summer I just want to thank all of you how have been supportive through PMs and Email. I realize I'm not part of his family and we're not close friends with his family, but he has had a huge impact on my life wheither he likes it or not () and so I have been taking this extremely hard. I guess I just never realized how much he meant to me as a teacher and friend.


    Updated info on "The Summs"
    Mr. Summer was on a fishing trip with friends when he started feeling sick (mid plane ride over teh inlet) they turned around and flew back, took him to the doctors and that's how he found out... not sure if that was before or after school got out, but still, it was recent. He had a shunt put in and will be going through chemo for the next 6 months... don't know if he'll be down there full time or up here partially... but if he's down there while my best friend and I are then we plan to visit him. I can't not see him if at all possible... I'd kick myself LOL. Any chance to "harass" him I will. The sad thing is he enjoys it! LOL Tried calling their house today and it was busy... so I'll wait a while until I call again. It's sounding more serious all the time though, and it's scaring the crap out of me. I'm not sleeping, barely eating, and it's not like he's one of those people who's in my life everyday... it's crazy! I guess he meant more than I thought... but then again he had/has such faith in my abilities that it's hard not to feel connected to him. If that makes sense?

    Erin and I are going to the movies hopefully tomorrow so we may invite the girls along... I'll have to ask her about that still... but she mentioned something about it. She got to know Jessica more than I did, so maybe that'll work out better. Erin didn't ever get to have Mr. Summer for a teacher as she moved here in high school but one time I went to bug him and she tagged along and he was soooo funny. He went on for 20 minutes saying how he loved having her in class and she was the inspiration that kept him in teaching and she was the best student and Erin was looking at him like the man was nutz(he gets that A LOT) and I was trying so hard not to lose it(like I said he does that sort of thing all the time) and he really had her believing that he had this idea of who she was. She lived through that experience and is bummed she never had him for a teacher.

    Anyway... there's my Mr. Summer memory for today! LOL

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    Toni, sorry I'm just getting to responding to this.
    I'll keep your teacher, and friend, Bob Summer, in my prayers....and you, too.
    I know that sick feeling you're talking about, fearing what may happen, all too well.....just lost my father-in-law to pancreatic/liver cancer on May 9th.
    I think it's wonderful that you care so much and are pulling yourself together to do what you can for Mr. Summer and his family.

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    yeah I lost my uncle a couple years ago to recurring cancer... so this is hitting just too close for comfort...

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