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Thread: Any interesting school stories?

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    I had an English professor that would say some pretty off the wall stuff. Most stuff not suitable for the forum but I will share this one. "I'm going to kill you and p*** on your grave." He said that to a friend of mine.

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    Im still a school student, but in 9th grade my orchestra went on tour to california and played at a college- I remember it being so much fun and I learned so much about myself during that trip. I made lifetime friends and memories I'll never forget -like when the 'less-bright' friends of mine decided to take a lot of caffinee pills since we were getting only 4 hours of sleep at night. We went to six flags that same day and after 1 roller coaster they were really dizzy and had fast heart-beats. About 7 of us spent our entire day at six flags in the first aid station either getting treated, or being with those who were. Was it stupid of us? Sure! But the bonding that took place that day was priceless- especially when we got to wheel our guy friends around the entire park in wheelchairs afterwards!! They were so embarrassed

    Second memory isnt as exciting- but again in freshman year, 6 of us who were super close girl friends got to leave class a few minutes early one day to get our violins before school was out. It was raining and we ran across the huge campus huddled together laughing and letting the rain pour down on us. No one else was around and it was really neat. I love high school :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johar
    PrincessLeppard and Lucy25--

    In our school district, teachers are required to go take two or three college classes every four years, which can be expensive.

    Do they do that in your school system? My friends who are teachers say it is a waste of time because it is material they have done before. But if they don't do it they are out of a job.
    Here in Michigan, a teacher must get 18 credit hours within six years of earning their teaching degree. Most teachers then go on to earn their Masters (30 total hours). Even with a Masters, all teachers must earn six credit hours every so many years. Some districts will pay for part of this, but most don't (mine doesn't). It is very expensive. If you do not do the hours you lose your certification. I don't mind taking the classes because I enjoy keeping up with the latest teaching techniques, but the expense is ridiculous, and many of the classes you end up taking are a waste of time.

    PrincessLeppard - I now write down all the silly/funny/ridulous/just plain stupid things my students say or put on exams. I am hoping to write a book some day. Glad to see there's another secondary English teacher on the board!

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    My favourite school story happened on my second day of University. The first week was dedicated to new student orientation, and they had tons of activities for all us first year students to do. So on the second day, Labour Day, myself and another girl that lived on my floor went in search of free ice cream. It was supposed to be dished out very close to my room, so of course we weren't going to pass over that opportunity. The ice cream was supposed to be served starting at 3:30pm. Well, 3:30pm came and went. Closer to 4pm, a girl came by to tell us that the ice cream got lost and would be rescheduled till the next day, since nothing was open.

    In the meantime, the girl from my floor and myself had struck up a little conversation with 2 other people waiting for the ice cream as well. Turns out that the people we talked to came from the same city as myself and another girl from my floor, and went to a high school about 10 minutes away from my old arena. A day later, we all decided that we were going to live together for our second year at University. Since then, and almost a year later, we've been inseperable at school, and even now that it's the summer, still see each other at least once a week, and talk almost every day. We're living together in the fall, and are taking similar programs. 2 of us are in Zoology and the other 2 in Animal Biology.

    We all sometimes stop and wonder what it would be like if the ice cream had come that day, but then stop ourselves, because we couldn't bear to imagine a life without each other.

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    My entire freshman english class was priceless. I don't think I had ever laughed so much in my life. My teacher was only about 25, and well, a tad prissy (a few kids honestly thought he was gay), and I honestly think the school sat down and said "Let's see how many of the troublemakers and morons we can put in this class." The best was probably on the first say of school, and we were all a little nervous. My teacher decided to tell us a story about how he randomly bursts out laughing, which he ALWAYS does (which results in starting us hysterically laughing because we have never seen a funnier laugh.) According to him, when he was 10 he took piano lessons and would always start cracking up for no reason in the middle of a preformance. To distract him, his teacher told him to just concentrate on a single object and nothing else. He chose an orange. So at one recital, he decided to try this trickto keep him from laughing during a complicated peice.He said just as he got to the ending, without messing up while thinking of the orange "all of the sudden a hand just came out and SQUASHED MY ORANGE!" and became hysterical, which was the aboslute tension breaker for our class. From this moment on we would not let him live this down, among other things like his fear of spiders (he would jump up on his desk until someone removed it.) We were constently trying to set him up with other young teachers at the school (he was not amused.) The guys in my class had a field day with him, and at the start of every class would run up and hug him until it got so bad he needed to instil a "No groping rule" in class. This class was easily the highlight of my year, and its something none of us will ever forget.
    Sorry, that was lllooonnnggg.

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