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Thread: What's your favorite interpretation?

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    You'll see- Pasha and Platov
    Where Have All The Flowers Gone?- Katarina Witt (Berezhnaya and Shliakhov had a section of this music in their 1996 free skate *before the accident*, but the cuts made it too jarring)
    Speed- Tanja Szewczenko (100 times better than Tara Lipinski's Speed programme)
    Little Women- Tara Lipinski
    Salome- Michelle Kwan
    Don Quixote- John Curry (Is it just me, or did John Curry resemble Rudolf Nureyev, who ironically, also died of AIDS complications the same year?)
    Addams Family Values- Krisztina Czako
    Missing- Duchesnays
    Carmen- BLANK (sorry, all the people who skate to Carmen never convey the FULL character; Krylova/Ovsiannikov conveyed only her madness, Katarina Witt her seductive quality, and Sasha...her bitchiness. What happened to conveying all of it?! There is also the lonely Carmen, that no one seems to get- the reason why Carmen is always surrounded by people, is because deep down she feels lonely...sorry to get all analytical, but I just wish skaters would stop scratching the surface and go deeper with Carmen)
    Man in the Iron Mask- Anissina and Piezerat
    2nd Piano Concerto- Chen Lu
    Butterfly Lovers- Chen Lu (Susan Ng skated to it, but IMHO juniors should leave mature music alone)
    Fever- Maria Butyrskaya
    Piano Waltz- Irina Slutskaya (that program, IMHO was so adorable)
    Tristan und Isolde- Sale/Pelletier
    Swan Lake- Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze
    A Chorus Line- Oksana Baiul
    Il Mare Calmo De La Sera- Todd Eldredge (and I normally can't stand Todd)
    Spente le Stelle- Drobiazko and Vanagas
    Cell Block Tango- Bourne and Kraatz
    Moonlight Sonata- Fumie Suguri, and G/G
    La Strada- Jeffrey Buttle

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    out of all the russian fold routines i always think of katia gordeevas 2002 program
    charlie chaplin: b & s
    swan lake: baiul
    riverdance: b & k
    cirque de soleil: gordeeva
    moonlight sonata: g & g
    bolero: t & d
    vocalise: g & g
    gladiator: yagudin
    matrix: joubert
    reverie: g & g
    morning mood: gordeeva
    mahlers adadgietto: gordeeva
    memorial: yagudin
    let me fall: b & s
    mozart: g & g
    a house is not a home: kulik

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    Some of my favorite numbers (and there have been plenty of them) include

    Dorothy Hamill - "Phantom of the Opera",
    Dorothy Hamill - "One Rock 'n Roll Too Many"
    Robin Cousins - "The Devil Takes a Holiday"
    Brian Boitano - "Water Fountain" (skating on the Alaskian glacier)
    Katia Gordeeva & the late Sergei Grinkov - ANY number they performed. They were a magical couple, and they are so missed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BronzeisGolden
    Claire de Lune - Chen Lu
    Rachmoninov - Chen Lu
    Concerto d'Aranjuez - Michelle Kwan
    Tosca - Michelle Kwan
    West Side Story - Katarina Witt
    Swan Lake - Rudy Galindo
    Meditation - Oksana Baiul
    Turandot - Shen & Zhou
    Madame Butterfly - Kristi Yamaguchi
    Evita - Nicole Bobek
    Dr. Zhivago - Nicole Bobek
    Malaguena - Sasha Cohen
    Liberstraum (sp?, their LP from 92 Olympics) - M&D
    Henry V - Paul Wylie......without a doubt
    The Mission - Paul Wylie
    I agree. Those are amazing!

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