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Thread: Top ten skating memories???

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    Top ten skating memories???

    Pardon me if THIS has been done before! But I'm still relatively new here and haven't seen it, or participated! I was thinking last night of my personal fondest skating memories...but I know that my skating experience is limited by time/age as well as nationality (Let's face it, up until Nancy/Tonya, the USA was not the greatest at televising international skating). So my top skating moments are biased, I'm sure....but I wanted to share mine. I'm sure other people can think of ones I either don't even know about, or have forgotten.

    1. Rudy Galindo's win at Nationals....My mom STILL watches that on tape a couple times a year! Totally perfect, perfect timing, everything...absolutely wonderful.

    2. Paul Wylie's silver medal at Albertville....Paul Wylie was the first skater to make me interested in skating outside of the Olympics. If it was on TV, I'd watch it sometimes, but never felt invested in a particular skater. Paul changed that with his National's performance in 1990, and knowing his history, Albertville was remarkable. Would only have been better if he'd gotten the medal he DESERVED!

    3. G&G in 1994 Olympics...I'd watched them in '88 too, and thought they were pretty perfect and concise. But they were young then, and didn't have the same emotional impact on me. In '94, you knew their story, their romance, and could see that connection on the ice. Maybe it wasn't perfect, but it was breathtaking.

    4. Tonya Harding at 1991 Nationals.....sure, she turned out to be a major, felonious, trailer trash skank...but anyone who watched her win National's in 1991 has to admit, it was impressive.

    5. Shen and Zhao, LP, 2003 Worlds...It's recent, it's still easily brought to everyone's minds. What can I say? I was watching alone at home and gave them a standing 'O'.

    NOW, it gets a little harder....moments *I* liked, but didn't have that same impact on me....

    6. Alexei Yagudin's 2002 Olympics....'Winter' was incredible...'Man in the iron mask' was not perfect....but watching his emotions after the LP, knowing all the little snipes from his former coach, and having watched him grow up from being a bit of a brat....THAT was what made it great for me

    7. Jozef Sabovcik's first quad....Yeah, I know it wasn't ratified, and the camera angle was off, etc etc etc. Makes no difference. For me and I'm sure at least a few others, Joe landed the FIRST actual quad.

    8. Michelle Kwan's 2003 Worlds....She's always impressive, she's almost always near perfect, and she has a lot of class. Maybe her constant quality works against her on this list! But after taking almost all year off, to see her win Nationals was impressive...I didn't see what everyone else seemed to tho, I didn't think it was her best performance. Like she was holding back. But at Worlds, the long program, there was so much more emotion and joy to her skating. It was absolutely beautiful to watch.

    9. Yagudin's 1999 Worlds...So I'm partial to the boy! But truly, seeing the metamorphesis after less than a year with Tarasova, and seeing it so masterful and was very impressive to me.

    10. First time seeing Bourne and Kraatz...for me, it was in an exhibition, I think Elvis Stojko's tour, in 1994 or 1995....they were still pretty new, obviously, and it was strictly a performance number as opposed to competitive. But still....their moves, their connection...suddenly, I actually LIKED an ice dance team. They are still one of the FEW I like to watch in dance....hopefully will get to see them as pros for a while.

    Okay, so where's your list?

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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    1. Tonia K's farewell to elgibale skating, 98 Worlds. The performance she never thought she would be able to give.
    2. Tim at 2003 Worlds. 3 awsome skates. Everyone counting him out! You go boy!!!!!!!
    3. Michelle at 2003 Nationals and Worlds. Washed up. Over the hill. Taking up spots for the youngin's. :rollin:
    4. Sarah at SLC. Need I say more. :rollin:
    5. Sarah at 03 Nationals. Not as great as SLC but still everyone counting her out. Wouldn't even make the World tea. :lol:
    6. S/Z at 03 Worlds. :D Wow! Wow! One of the best skates ever by any skater(s)
    7. Tonia K at 96 Nationals. Great birthday present for her coach.
    8. Michelle, FOG, SLC. No words needed.
    9. B/K. 03 Worlds. Not a big dance fan but it was nice to see them finally win.
    10. Tim at 99 Skate America. Not his best skate but he made history.

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    Kara Bear

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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    oh, this is fun

    1. Elvis' win at 97 grand prix final

    2. B&K at 2003 worlds

    3. The first time I saw Elena and Anton. It was Elvis' tour of champions in 97. I don't remember the program but I do remember how they wowed me and I was waaaay up in th stands and could barely see them.

    4. Artur and Oksana at 1998 Olympics

    5. S&Z 2003 worlds

    6. Woetzal and Stoer, 1997 worlds...wasn't perfect, but I loooved their program and it was great to see them finally win.

    7. Sasha's short at 2002 skate Canada. Even with a silly stumble, this is the reason I became interested in Sasha.

    8. B&K riverdance, 1997 skate canada. this was awesome cause i saw it live and was sitting right above the kiss n' cry.

    9. Maria B.'s win at 1999 worlds.

    10. Phillipe C.'s footwork section in his long program at 98 Olympics

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    Kara Bear

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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    OK, I just thought of number 11 and have to include it.

    Todd E.'s win at 96 worlds when he put his medal around his mom's neck. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes...i'm such a sap!

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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    Not necessarily in any particular order:

    1. Michelle Kwan - 2003 Nationals - As Michael Jordan said, "it's for the love of the game"
    2. Brian Boitano - 1988 Olympics - breathtaking!
    3. When Brian Boitano and Brian Orser hugged at the podium in 1988 - great sportsmanship!
    4. G&G - Calgary, 1988 - perfection!
    5. Paul Wylie - 1992 - he finally did it!
    6. Midori Ito - 1989 World Championships - the triple axel, such confidence
    7. Shen & Zhao - 2003 Worlds - brought me to tears
    8. Kristi Yamaguchi - her Doop-Doop program - not really a moment per se, but this program shows her versatility and creativity which she is often not given credit for
    9. Katia Gordeeva's "My Sergei" book and video - again, not a moment, but I loved getting a glimpse into her life and the evolution of their relationship
    10. Michelle Kwan - Salome, Romanza - 1996 Worlds

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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    Totally agree with Michelle's SLC performance of FOG....Sarah's Olympic performance (I can't believe I left that one off!)...and Todd Eldrege's world championship....Thanks for bringing up other fond memories!

    Another one I can't believe I left off my list....Ekaterina Gordeeva's first time solo skating, her tribute to me goosebumps just thinking about it.


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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    Wow!! A lot I agree with, but here are some I haven't seen yet:

    96 Worlds - the ladies competition. Will we ever see performances like Lu Chen's Rachmaninoff and Michelle's Salome in the same competition again? They both received 2 6.0s for artistic impression. Both would have been a worthy champion. There's still a part of me that thinks Lu should have won, but who wants to argue?? Imagine if they had skated right after one another....

    91 Worlds - Midori Ito falling into the camera pit after landing her jump combination in the technical program. I had never seen anything like it before - Sandra Bezic's gasp was priceless. After her performance (the rest of which was flawless), she went over to the cameraman to apologize. If there had been a few more feet of ice, Midori would have been OK because she actually landed the jump within inches of the boards.

    88 Olympics - The arrival of the Duschenays and the ragtime FD of Wilson/McCall. Elizabeth Manley's silver medal performance.

    86 Worlds - Debi Thomas becoming the first African-American to win the World Championship. Katarina had a mistake in the short which put her in 4th place going into the free. She had a fabulous skate which earned her two perfect 6.0s for artistic impression. Then she watched Debi skate and her chances to retain her title evaporated.

    Herm (sk8ngnutt)

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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    Many of my best skating memories have already been mentioned, but here are a couple more.

    T&D's Bolero at Oly's. It was this performance that got me interested in Ice Dance.

    MK's SP and LP at 1998 Nationals. The joy in her performances brought tears to the judges eyes and mine. It was her 1st competition after having to take off to allow a stress fracture in her toe to heal. Also, most number of 6.0's given to any skater.

    Kristi's Oly SP to Blue Danube. Gorgeous program. So smooth and graceful and full of ease. BTW, Doop Doop is another great program.

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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    I have to think more about mine, but I'll start Mathman's. MM can just fill in the blanks
    1. Michelle's
    2. Michelle's
    3. Michelle's
    4. Michelle's
    5. Michelle's
    6. Michelle's
    7. Michelle's
    8. Michelle's
    9. Michelle's
    10. Michelle's

    Sorry, it's summer. I'm feeling rambunctious.

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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    1.Nationals 2002 - "what with these salty discharge" and seeing Elvis do a hydroblade without failing.

    2.Nationals 2000 - pairs and the only time I have seen so many perfect death spirals in one night.

    3.HFOI 2002 - a little gem that most people didn't see on t.v. but it was a great Xmas festive show.

    4.GPF 2002 - B&K 1st medal.

    5.worlds 2001 - dance(yeah for Barb & Maurizio and Rita & Pavlos and A&P exhibition), pairs, mens(Plushy win), ladies(MK and IS exhibition). This was the best worlds for me.

    6.worlds 1984 - pairs(U&M) and dance(T&D)

    7. alot more pre-1984.

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    My Top Ten

    1. Paul Wylie, 1992 Olympics - His short program was wonderful, but I was so proud of him in the free skate. He fought for everything and gave that performance all the heart he could muster....I would have given him a 6.0 without a second thought!

    2. Oksana Baiul, 1993 Worlds - Many disagree with her world title win, some say it should have gone to Surya. LOL, I can't imagine that, but hey, different strokes for different folks. Oksana's SP was wonderful, so fresh and exciting, and her free skate was just as good. I remember being so thrilled by this new talent and I couldn't wait to see what was to come for her.

    3. G&G, 1994 Olympics - Sure, they were the classic Russian pair, so lyrical and spot-on, but by 1994 they had evolved into much more than that. Their off-ice bliss had produced in their skating something so rare...a moving intimacy that made you feel like you were intruding on a private moment. "Moonlight Sonata", while not technically perfect, was exceptional and definitely deserved the 6.0 it received.

    4. Chen Lu, 1996 Worlds - Her Rach LP was pure perfection in my eyes. Probably the best freeskating program I have ever seen. She elevated her sport to a new level with this performance. I find it interesting to watch her 1992 Worlds performance and compare it to this, who would have thought!

    5. Michelle Kwan, 1996 Worlds - Salome was a wonderful LP, intricate and well performed, but it was Romanza that stuck with me. She performed that number with such command and attitude, and for the first time I really felt she let everything go. It may not have been the most difficult short, but I thought it was phenonmenal and one of her best ever.

    6. Michelle Kwan, 1998 Nationals - I enjoyed Rach, but it never became a distinctive favorite of mine. It was Lyra Angelica that caught my attention and never let go. The joyous smile from the beginning pose carried all the way through and I remember feeling like I had after Chen Lu had skated Rach at 96 Worlds. Pure perfection. Luminous grace.

    7. Tara Lipinski, 1998 Olympics - I had always enjoyed Tara's spark and jumping talent, but she never moved me. She didn't skate with all-out heart. But, her LP in Nagano was brilliant in my eyes. She was having the time of her life and it showed. It may not have been the most elegant or refined performance, but it was energetic, precise and, for me, deserved the Olympic gold medal she eventually was rewarded.

    8. Michelle Kwan, 2001 Nationals - EOE. After 1999 and 2000, I was so excited to see Michelle go back to something soft and lyrical. I think that is when she is at her best and East of Eden only reinforced that for me. In my eyes, it is the best SP she has ever done and ranks among the top 3 of all time. It created such a light mood, but the footwork, etc. was so difficult and precise. I always felt Michelle really loved this music and it showed in every performance, especially at the 2001 Nationals.

    9. Shen & Zhou, 2003 Worlds - Their freeskating performance made me actually want to watch pairs again! "Turandot" was everything they needed to rise to the next level. This performance allowed them to break through the presentation barrier that had always hindered them and set them on the level of the great artistic pairs they had always finished behind. The last 30 seconds give me chills still, some 30 viewings later!

    10. Michelle Kwan, 2003 Worlds - LOL, what, is this my 4th Michelle mention in a top 10? Imagine that! After the 2002 Olympics and her unspirited performances at the 2002 Worlds, this is what I so wanted to see for Michelle. She didn't hold back and allowed herself to shrug off the pressures and deliver an honest, riveting performance. She rose above crushing disappointment and demonstrated incredible strength of character.

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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    (1) The Battle of the Brians at the 1988 Winter Olympics,with Brian Boitano of the US skating the performance of his life to win the Olympic gold medal. Awesome!!!

    (2) Oksana Baiul's victory at the 1993 World Championships.
    She was 15 and competing in the Worlds for the first time, and she blew the competition away and won. Awesome!

    (3) Tonya Harding's victory at the 1991 US Nationals in which she became the first (and still only) American woman to land a triple axel in competition. She skated to "Batman", "Send in the Clowns" and "Wild Thing". Awesome!

    (4) Midori Ito's victory at the 1989 World Championships, in which she became the first woman to land a triple axel in World competition. Her program included seven triples - all perfectly executed, and her presentation was vastly improved.

    (5) Jayne Torvill/Christopher Dean's victory at the 1982 and 1983 World Championships, in which they performed their "Mack and Mabel" and "Barnum" programs, respectively.
    Outstanding technique, choreography, and presentation.

    (6) Paul Wylie's silver medal win at the 1992 Winter Olympics.
    Paul was a longshot, to put it mildly, and he skated two strong programs and won the silver medal. This triumph propelled Paul to a very successful pro skating career. Awesome!

    (7) Dorothy Hamill's victory at the 1976 Winter Olympics. She is a lovely memory in her American beauty rose dress and wedge haircut. Great jumps, speed, and presentation. Awesome!

    ( Alexi Yagudin's victory at the 2002 Winter Olympics. He was masterful, strong, and elegant. Awesome!

    (9) Sarah Hughe's victory at the 2002 Winter Olympics, in which she leaped from fourth to first place with a long program that contained two perfect triple/triple combinations.

    (10) Ludmilla and Oleg Protopopov's victory at the 1968 Winter Olympics. They were masters of line and elegance.

    I have about a hundred more favorite memories, but this is enough!!

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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    Speaking of back flips,

    I must add Surya's performing her trademark illegal back flip during her 1998 Olympic LP. She knew she wasn't going to medal and she knew she didn't need the support of the ISU since she was going pro. While watching, I saw her setting it up and then landing it to the astonishment of all.

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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    I have to agree with Raelynne and add another:

    11. Tonia Kwiatkowski, 1996 U.S. Nationals - I respected Tonia for her commitment and drive, but had never been all that impressed by her skating. That all changed at the 1996 Nationals when she skated such a strong, spirited free program. If anyone deserved a moment like that it was Tonia, too bad the World judges must have been on a bathroom break when she skated so well at the 96 & 98 Worlds!

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    Re: Top ten skating memories???

    Some of mine are here, but these arn't

    1. Underhill and Martini. Unchained Melody anytime, anyplace

    2. Underhill and Martini. Their first pro competition after Barb's baby drownd: they skated to Yesterday. It was like she was totally disconnected to earth and talking to the baby. VERY emotional but not to/with Paul.

    3. Kurt Browning and Tara Lapinski in a Tara TV special. They skated a Spanish-style duet. She did triples, he did doubles, side by each. The Salcow(?) was especially impressive.


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