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Thread: e-mail ettiquette question.

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    e-mail ettiquette question.

    I want to e-mail a question to the webmistress of a Russian website, but I'm not sure how much English she speaks-and I certainly don't speak any Russian.

    Should I send my message in English or should I use one of those "handy" Babelfish translation tools to translate my question?

    I realize the best option would be probably to have someone translate my message from English into Russian-but since that probably won't happen, what would be the better option for me?

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    sometimes babelfish translations work, but sometimes you get something funny or incomprehensible... if you decide to use it, you'd better check. since here on GS there are some people who speak russian, maybe they can help you

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    that's an interesting question...

    that I don't know the answer to LOL

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    I have 3 friends that speak Russian. If you are serious about doing this, please PM me and I will see what we can do.

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