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Thread: Ice Skating Magazine?

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    Is anyone else still having problems with Ice Skating Magazine? I ordered a single copy with Emanuel on the cover on the 15th August - finally got a receipt and it was charged to my credit card on 19th October. It's Jaunuary 5th, 2005 and I still haven't received the magazine. Around the second week of December, first I tried e-mailing them to the address on their e-receipt but got an "undeliverable" message. Then I tried filling out the on-line form on their website and it wouldn't process. Then I tried calling their toll-free number and got an answering machine - they never returned my call. I tried calling them again today - got the same answering machine. Anybody else having the same problems?

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    This doesn't surprise me; they wanted to hire me last year to write for their magazine but never returned my calls (they wanted to send me to SC et al) but I needed the details so I could tell my then employer about the time off I would need.

    They never answer calls; if I were you, I would complain to your credit card company, and tell them you never received the goods you paid for. I am starting to wonder if they went out of business as well since they were affliated with the now defunt ice channel. That and the fact that their website has not been updated in months; makes me wonder.

    Good luck!!


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