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Thread: "The Notebook" - SEE THIS MOVIE!

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    A few friends and I are going to see this movie tomorrow night, I cannot wait to see 2 fellow Londoners ( proud to say that gotta brag )

    I hear kleenex's are a must!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealtorGal
    Lad, Rachel McAdams is the young female star from Canada. Gena Rowlands plays the older Allie. It's now Sunday morning, and I'm STILL misty-eyed over this film! It was just so incredibly touching.
    Oops! I think I must have been tired when I replied. I meant Rachel McAdams. I have seen the movie, now and yes, it was a very touching movie. There was not a dry eye in the theatre. I thought James Garner and Gena Rowlands really brought the story home at the end. I also thought the scenery and music added to the film. The photography was beautiful.

    A much better movie than I anticipated.

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    I finally saw this movie today. My hairdresser had recommended it. She said, "You will like it" and I did. It was a bit senitmental but it was a very touching love story. I don't give away too much, so I won't say much, but the cinematography, acting, music was wonderful. I was totally absorbed in the story. I did not cry but it was hard not to get misty eyed toward the end, as the story unfolded. By far this is the best movie of 2004. I am one of those who absolutely AVOID watching Spiderman type movies. Most movie trailors have been terrible - all I see is stupid jokes, violence, or wars, and lots of special effects. It was very nice to watch something with human emotions, and nature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joesitz
    No problem LH. I just don't like stupid comedies and stupid dramas for that matter. I'm usually at a Josh Bell concert or a Kirov Ballet visit or better still a Mets game than spend time in a movie house with films I know I wont enjoy.

    To each his own.


    How often is Josh Bell in your area? I love him. I wish that I could say that I am usually attending one of his concerts, so rare it is that he happens this way.

    BTW...I love Sandler as well.

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