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Thread: Should L&A retire? Does anyone know whether they are or

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    Should L&A retire? Does anyone know whether they are or

    At the start of the World Dance Competition, the Washington Post said that Lobacheva and Averbukh as well as Bourne and Kraatz were going to retire. After the competition, Averbukh was quoted as saying L&A were now uncertain about retirement.

    There is an interesting outcomes if both L&A and B&K retire. If you refer to the quoted section below of the rules of the Grand Prix series, couples who finish in the top 6 places are seeded into the Grand Prix and can if they wish, participate in 3 of the six events. In the event of skaters retiring, the rules are that the top 6 couples at Worlds who are still not retired are seeded. B&A finished in 7th, L&T finished 8th. If both L&A and B&K retire, both B&A and L&T will be seeded in the Grand Prix!!! First time ever for the US.

    If I were L&A, I think I would retire, because frankly, I think N&K are about to surpass them, so their best deal can probably be made now. One of the concerns would be whether Lobacheva's injuries are going to completely heal. If she is really going to be 100%, then maybe L&A can keep their first place at Russian Nationals, but if she isn't going to completely heal, I think they are at risk.

    As to L&T, if L&A retire, I think they should work their hearts out, do all 3 GP events, and do 4C's too, as B&K are definitely retired. Does anyone have any idea what the recovery rate is likely be following surgery for removal of a cyst from an
    Achilles tendon.

    B&A should just keep doing what they are doing!


    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>2.1 Seeded skaters/couples

    a) According to the results of the previous World Figure Skating Championships, the skaters/couples ranking 1 - 6 in each of the 4 categories (Men, Ladies, Pairs, Ice Dancing) shall be seeded in two events. A 3rd event is optional to these skaters for participation.

    b) In case of retirement or ineligibility of any of the top 6 skaters/couples seeded (see paragraph a) above), the next placed skater/couple shall be seeded.

    c) Such seeded skaters/couples must commit on their two assigned events (counting for points). Priority will be given to the home event, if possible.

    d) The 3rd event in which the seeded skaters/couples are invited for participation will not count for points, but prize money will be awarded according to the placement. Only one skater/couple per discipline per event can be accepted as "additional third event". Priority of choice has to be given to the higher placed skater/couple.

    e) Each ISU Member concerned must announce by August 1st, 2002 latest which events will be the "scoring events" (two events) and which event has to be considered as the "non-scoring event". (see also paragraph 2.1. d) and 3.3). If a skater/couple fails to announce the additional non-scoring event until the a.m. deadline, the Chairman of the ISU Management Commission is entitled to decide.

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    ITA, L/A should retire. I don't think Irina's knee could take much more. But how cool would that be if both US teams were seeded? Especially for L&T who have missed the GP series for the past two years. This may be an opportunity for them to make up for some lost ground.

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    Re: L&A

    I wish Lobacheva/Averbukh would NOT retire. I adore them and will miss them SO MUCH. But, I do share your concern about Irina's knee - I really don't know if it can take much more. Her health is the most important consideration. And, from interviews they've given, they are anxious to start a family soon.

    Ilia was extremely disappointed immediately after the FD at Worlds and said at the press conference that they might consider staying for one more year. I've read (at FSU) that he has since said that he was just very emotional at that time and that they really DO intend to retire, as planned.

    Good luck to them in whatever they decide to do. Thank goodness I have lots of them on tape ... and I'll never forget seeing them live in Halifax at Skate Canada a few years back. They were absolutely awesome.

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    Re: L&A

    I have read in a Russian interview with Ilya that he just said he wasn't sure about their retirement because after getting the silver he "wanted to prove something to someone". But he said they are going to retire. The main reason he sites is Irina's biological clock - she is 30, and he wants her to have kids ASAP.

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    Re: Should L&A retire? Does anyone know whether they ar


    Rod Black (CTV) commented that the couple had considered retiring - had they won gold, but now they may stay around another season. I guess, like Bourne and Kraatz they want to go out as World champions.


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    Re: Should L&A retire? Does anyone know whether they ar

    They ARE World Champions.

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    Re: Should L&A retire? Does anyone know whether they ar

    <span style="color:blue;font-family:helvetica;font-size:small;">I think "REIGNING" World Champions was what was meant!

    I think that if they do retire, they've got a bright future in posing for porn photos. They seem to do it well with no inhibitions.</span> :rollin: <img src= ALT=" >D">

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    re l/a

    That would be so cool if both u.s. teams were seeded in the Grand prix

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    Re: re l/a

    Realtor Gal - LOL, thats a scary thought...

    I Really like L&T - they have awesome programs and style and grace (and I could continue), and as much as I enjoy watching Belbin and Agusto, I think they need a new choreographer. Elvis worked this year becasue they are young and have the energy to do it, plus Worlds in D.C, but they need to have more difficulty and improve on their edges. They are very promising; they remind me of a young Bourne and Kraatz.

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    Re: L&A

    <span style="color:blue;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:x-small;"><strong>
    I agree smiley I do not know how much more
    her knee can take either

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