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Thread: Bravo, sk8pics!!

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    Bravo, sk8pics!!

    For a great program skated today at Skate Wilmington. You should be very proud of your terrific performance. It was absolutely worth battling the weather to get to see you and all the Adult Ladies. BRAVO!!!!! :D

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    Thanks, Yaz!

    It was a great competition, very fun. The atmosphere at Skate Wilmington is always great, and it never feels like adults are an afterthought even though it's not an adult-only competition.

    There was so much support, it was great! Starting with Yaz showing up, and some other friends, too! And when the warmup was done while I was waiting to be introduced, one of the other skaters came over and hugged me before she got off the ice. So nice. Then when they introduced me, there was a lot of cheering and applause! Last year it freaked me out a little, but this year I was ready for it and just smiled!

    I was very happy with my program, and my coach said it was the best he'd seen. I feel like it was my best performance yet in competition. And afterwards, I got so many nice compliments from people, who were surprised and happy at the improvement since the last time they saw me. Another coach in fact told me how much I'd improved in many ways, and that was very sweet of her.

    I was exhausted afterwards, though! All that adrenaline and nervous energy, and then POOF! It was over. It was a great time, though, and I'm looking forward to next year!

    It was great to meet some new people and renew some acquantainces! Everyone did great.


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    Thanks for writing about your experience, Sk8pics. Although I don't know you, it is always fun to here about the details of competitions.

    I had a chance to go to the National Adult Championships when it was held in Ann Arbor a couple of years ago. It was really a cool experience, even for someone like me who is strictly a spectator!


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    You're welcome, Mathman. And hey, it's never too late to start skating! At the winter classic at Chelsea Piers last February, a couple of mid-twentyish adults congratulated me on my skate and then said, somewhat wide-eyed, that they were in the beginner skating classes there. I just had to laugh!

    I'm still all happy about the competition and I'm really looking forward to seeing the photos that the official photographer took. They should be on line in a day or two.


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