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The Fakers, oh I mean the Lakers, suck big time, and so do their fans! (Except Michelle, who was shown on TV a couple of times in game 2 -- the only game the Lakers won, BTW -- along with Jack Nicholson cheering on the hometown guys.)
Hey Mathman! You better make an exception for me too! I am a lifelong Laker fan! Can't say I was too happy with them during the Finals , but that won't change me from being a Laker fan the rest of my life! Of course my favorite Laker teams were in the 80's though with Magic, Kareem, James Worthy and one of my all time faves Michael Cooper and the rest.

Back on topic: Sasha Cohen...I adore her! Will it be her year? I ain't touching that one...not going to jinx her or anyone! :D