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I had the strongest hunch last season that Sasha would win Nationals and Worlds. There was no doubt in my mind. Usually my hunches are right on; I was very confused when this one was wrong. I am going to try not have hunches anymore .
I had the same hunches last year, based on all the media hype about Sasha. How many times has she appeared on the cover of major figure skating magazines? EVERYBODY, it seemed, had crowned her the next queen of ice skating, and, well, I went along for the ride. It was not to be.

IMHO, Sasha will not win a US title until Michelle Kwan retires from eligible competition. Kwan has a lock on that title. As for the Worlds, there are too many other skaters right now - Kwan, Arakawa, etc. - who skate well under pressure - and Cohen won't win that title, either, unless she learns to triumph over her competitive nerves.