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Thread: Kerry names Edwards vp candidate

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    To all,

    Kerry would have had my vote, with or without Edwards, and with or without my anger about the Army enlistment extensions. (Question: how will these "extensions" affect the votes of military and families? Clue: my son's immediate supervisor was set to retire and now he's extended and bound for Iraq too. He's major league pissed! Think he or his wife or his family members will be voting Bush this time? And remember, the military is very conservative and Republican. If the Bushies are counting on those votes, they'd better work harder!)

    I also am angry about how the Republicans are touting the economy. Ohio has lost over 200,000 industrial jobs since Bush took office. Many of them going overseas. And the commercial is right, they are getting tax incentives for doing that. "Free" trade is not necessarily "fair" trade. OK, so I'm on disability and my daughter and son-in-law make good bucks and my son is still in college and now on his way to Iraq. I still know plenty of people who have gone from decent wages and benefits to asking, "You want fries with that?" It is a question of priorities. Jobs with living wages and health benefits, education that is fair and funded, social programs that help "the least of us" (that is a Kerry quote), rebuilding our infrastructure and our future HERE in the US. Those are the issues I care about. If that makes me a "liberal" then so be it. "Liberal" is NOT a bad word (that one's a Humphrey quote)

    And while I know that Kerry can't and won't immediately pull out of Iraq, I also know that his legislative experience, especially in foreign relations, will make him a president who leads the world community, not bullies it. The Republicans have basically been against the United Nations for the past fifty years. Just who do you think managed to delay the US paying its dues and threatened to pull out? The United Nations is an extremely flawed institution. Too many small nations with horrible human rights policies and rotten economic policies and dictators &/or religious fanatics have too much power. And they stall many of the actions the UN could take to make the world better. I don't know how to fix that. But the world community is turning on us. Now WE are one of those rogue nations, doing whatever we want and listening to noone and no reason. I find that repulsive.

    There is plenty more involved, but even a lifelong Democrat like me will vote for the better of two candidates and Kerry is the better of the two.

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    Oh....politics is a very dangerous subject...don't get me started on these two. That is all.

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