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Thread: 1973 Prices

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    My normal freestyle session is $14 per hour. In the spring for a month or so the only available freestyle that fits my schedule is with the Rye Figure Skating Club, at $28 per hour. $28!!!

    Normal public ice in my area runs about $7-8.

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    MICE!!! You are scaring me! I cannot believe that it would cost that much. (I mean I believe you, I just wouldn't be able to do it very much) Oh, that would greatly damper my skating "career".

    Granny, I am happy to say that we have culture here, and PLEASE don't let anything that you have seen out of Arkansas residents (or presidents) or stupid reality shows impact your impression too much. Now, we have our share of rednecks (really, what state does not?) but I assure you that we have public radio, running water, and dental care. What we also have is a bit of a slower pace, nice people, and beautiful land....even if we only have 2 rinks in the entire state, Tulsa is only and hour and 30 minutes away, and Springfield, MO (boasting 2 sheets of ice) is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. This place is a fairly well kept secret.

    Did I mention free ice time?

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    I've been to Arkansas a number of times and that was supposed to be a joke because of all the put down publicity Ark has received. I know better. Sorry if I offended you. If I didn't know better, I wouldn't have said anything. Truth is Ark., Nebr., Iowa, Mo., Okla & Ks are all pretty similar in that regard. Most of us are down to earth, friendly, people and not hillbillies like we are portrayed. I know a lot of tv shows, etc. have really been giving Kansas a bad name. What we know that they don't that sophisticated isn't real the way they try to put on. We don't have to try and flout "upper class" like a lot do. We prefer to be Godfearing down to earth people. We know we are just as good or better than those that put us down. Of course, we all have citizens that aren't in that class. That's just the way it is. I would bet on (if I were a betting person) the midwest and the south as more likely being moral people. Of course, everywhere has the good and bad. It's just that always being considered lower class really is disgusting.

    Just remember the Kansas tree is the telephone post.
    Grgranny, DEFINITELY!

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    Oh, you did not offend me at all. I am laughing at the rep that we have, or the perception that we have no running water (my family from Colorado teases me incessantly about CHOOSING the live in Arkansas.) These are not preceptions that you indicated necessarily, but I know that when I am out town and tell people where I am from they get this look on their face, and I am suddenly feeling like I have to justify where I live, and they walk off and I am still talking, running after them, and throwing all these tourist pamphlets at them trying to convince them how wonderful it is.

    I did not mean to sound like I was offended. I spend so much time telling my mom how great it is, then I will see the epitome of the precieved Arkansas resident with 4 trucks on blocks and several household appliances in the front yard, and we change the subject. I am not sensitive about it, truly. I am teasing you back.

    And, I touch on this lightly, as it may be a sensitive subject, but yes, we have our share of godfearing people. I sometimes feel that bigger cities are so fast paced that it is harder to find, or maybe not as apparent (oh, I am sure I will get beat up over that comment).

    On another note, you must be from Kansas. I think that the state flower is the corn plant, right? (kidding) The drive from NWA across KS to CO is a long one for sure, and I never knew that there was so much corn in the whole world. I find it pretty though, and I love wide open spaces.

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