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Thread: Top 10 Favorite Foreign Films

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    Top 10 Favorite Foreign Films

    I've been on a big foreign film kick lately (well, for the past several years). And, I seem to remember Liz saying she had been as well. What are your ten favorite foreign films?

    1. "Like Water For Chocolate"
    2. "Three Colors: Red"
    3. "Amores Perros"
    4. "Delicatessen"
    5. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"
    6. "Hero"
    7. "Indochine"
    8. "Amelie"
    9. "Princess Mononoke"
    10. "Das Boot"

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    Foreign Films

    I LOVE to watch foreign films! It gives me a view of life that I would never see otherwise. A few of my favorites, in no particular order are:

    1. Life is Beautiful (Italy)
    2. Burnt By The Sun (Russia)
    3. Like Water For Chocolate (Mexico)
    4. Indochine (France)
    5. Queen of Hearts (England)
    6. Girl on a Bridge (not entirely sure if that's the title, from France, stars Vanessa Paradis-the luckiest woman on the planet because she snagged Johnny Depp)
    7. Queen Margot (France)
    8. Little Vera (Russia)
    9. Wuthering Heights (ancient film from Spain)
    10. The Story of Adele H (France)

    There is another film from Russia that I really like but can't recall the name. It's about three good friends and how their lives enfold. One woman marries a famous hockey player, one is a single mom who finds love later in life, and I can't remember the other woman's story.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Belle Epoque (Spain)
    Nueva Reinas (Argentina)

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    I'm at work, so I'm hurrying. More later if I can, but here's seven, in no particular order:
    Akira Kurosawa's Dreams
    Throne of Blood
    Shall We Dance
    Carlos Saura's Flamenco films, especially Carmen
    Like Water for Chocolate (seen it 30 times and it still makes me cry!)
    Story of Adele H.
    Jean de Florette / Manon of the Spring
    The Snapper (okay, I admit it, I've got a 'thing' for Colm Meaney)
    Happy Friday everybody!

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    The Three Colors Trilogy (france)
    Amelie (france)
    Mostly Martha (germany)
    Manon des sources (france)
    Hsi Yen (The Wedding Banquet, China)
    Yin shi na nu (Eat Drink Man Woman, China)
    La Dolce Vita (Italy)
    Como auga para chocolate (Mexico)

    There are so many more I love!!! But this will do for now.
    Honorable Mentions-
    My wife is an Actress (france)
    Le Ballon Rouge (france)
    Life is Beautiful (italy)
    Osama (afganistan)
    Love me if you dare (france)
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    Quote Originally Posted by JillLaQ
    Nueva Reinas (Argentina)
    I'm so happy you liked this movie! Nueve Reinas (9 queens) is a really good movie!.

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    Princess Mononoke
    The City of Lost Children
    The Happiness of the Katakuris (sp?)
    The Eye
    Volcano High
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    am sure there's lots more, will have to think harder!


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    I liked the original "Cousin, Cousine" (sp?) Way better than the American re-make.

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    Jil, the Russian movie you are thinking of is the Moscow does not believe in tears, which won an Oskar for best foreign film in 1981 (?). The other woman married at the start of the movie, and had a happy middle-classs life and family.

    Since I was born in Russia, many of my all time favorite movies are Russian, so I will limit my choice to mostly non-Russian and those Russian that should be available in North America.

    1) The Princess and the warrier - Germany
    2) Queen Margot - France
    3) To Live - China
    4) Fonfan the Tulip - really old (black and white) from France
    5) East-West - joint French and Russian
    6) Belle Dejour (sp?) - France
    7) Bosa Nova - Brazil
    8) Moscow does not believe in tears - USSR
    9) Irony of fate - USSR
    10) Can't change the meeting palce - USSR

    Honorable mentions:

    Trainspotting - UK
    Acid house - UK
    Run Lola run - Germany
    Amelie - France

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    My favorites:
    Y Tu Mama Tambien
    All About My Mother
    Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
    Life is Beautiful
    The Chinese film directed by Joan Chen where they sent Chinese youth to live in the country ( I forget the title)
    Eat, Man, Drink, Woman
    Spirited Away
    Run Lola Run
    Girl on a Bridge

    This isn't a foreign film but since most of it is in subtitles: The Joy Luck Club

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    Tampopo - from Japan, about a woman running a noodle shop. It's very funny.

    La Cage Aux Folles - from France, a quirky piece remade as "The Birdcage" in the US. Although La Cage is a better film than The Birdcage, I've watched The Birdcage more times because of Hank Azaria's performance as the "butler" Agador Sparticus. He's wonderful and carries the film.

    My Beautiful Laundrette - from England, with a young and beautiful Daniel Day Lewis.

    Brigid Jones' Diary - from England and Hollywood. Very cute.

    Four Weddings and a Funeral - from England, absolutely wonderful, especially the first 5 minutes.

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - from China.

    The Wedding Banquet - from China or Taiwan, very sweet and poignant.

    The Snapper - Ireland. It's very funny. The book is better.

    Brideshead Revisited - from England. Although this is a tv miniseries, so doesn't really count, it's one of my favorite films of all time. It's better than the book.

    And lastly, Jackie Chan movies, out of Hong Kong. I like even bad Jackie Chan movies.

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    I have seen some of these, have some of these, an I am jotting down the rest to get. Thanks for this thread. I found it very interesting!

    Oh, and off the top of my head:

    Warrior and the Princess
    Queen Margot
    Pride and Prejudice (do British productions count as foreign?)

    I saw one that was a Chinese story flashback about a couple that lived in a poor village and he went away to the way, then came back...surprisingly good

    Another in Spanish about an orphanage in Mexico in the 1920's or 1930'...supernatural ghost story...again, good

    Thanks for the info all....NETLFIX, here I come!

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    My favorite Foreign films include Australian movies:

    My Brilliant Career
    The Getting of Wisdom
    Picnic at Hanging Rock
    Breaker Morant
    The Whale Rider - more recent
    Moulin Rouge

    Also other foreign films:

    The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Red Firecracker, Green Firecraker
    Seven Years in Tibet
    Raise the Red Lantern
    Last Emperor
    The Joy Luck Club

    I forgot a couple:

    A Passage to India
    and of course The Lord of The Rings - outstanding!

    More than 10 here!....
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    I guess when I was making my list of favorites I didnt take into consideration that many of my favorite films are foreign even though they are not foriegn language films. For example, Joy Luck Club is probably on my top 10 fav movies of all time... but I forget that the filmaker is not american.... And I had never stoped to consider how many big hollywood productions are foreign. I love the lord of the rings trilogy, and they are of new zealand, which I guess might make them a foreign picture... but it seems like they shouldnt be on the same list as a french art film.

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