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Thread: Tara Is Carrying A Torch

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesslily
    Is Tara still involved with some professional skating? Or does she still practice skating at all? Not many articles talking about her.
    she wasn't involved with anything this past season... she hasn't officially hung up her skates, but her hip injury is quite serious(skating before dr.s gave the ok didn't help either), and she's wanting to get her acting career off the ground (with little or no success....

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    What's Tara up to?

    Her appearances on Hollywood Squares were adorable. Despite being grown up and mature, she is still cute. Guess she'll be an adorable 80, gawd willing.

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    It's too bad that Tara is so totally focused on an acting career, because acting is not one of her talents. She'd have a hard time getting a walk-on role in our local community theater, let alone a featured role on a TV show or in a movie.

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    Sorry, I meant to say US skater. I believe Maria B. carried it in Russia.

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