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Thread: Disastrous Competitive Programs

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkateFan4Life
    II sincerely hope Sandhu gets his act together and puts all of his talent together in a positive way. He is so talented, and he should be well up there in the World's top ten, IMHO.
    Amen to that. He is so talented, it's frustrating. I know when I watch him skate, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat and when he's on, WOW!!!


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    Enjoying the Win

    Enjoying the win in the privacy of your family and friends is one thing. Bragging about a win to the press is entirely another. In my school, we were taught to graciously shake hands with the competitor and say "good game". In the locker room, we could get rowdy and hoot and holler a bit.

    And if the competitor doesn't really have a good game? Then graciously commisserate on their bad luck, wish them well, and keep your end zone dance out of the lime light. That's my philosphy.


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