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Thread: "Up Close and Personal" Pieces

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    When did you see this broadcast? I saw the top six and no more.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessLeppard
    When did you see this broadcast? I saw the top six and no more.

    I'm referring to my tapes of the 1998 US Nationals. Ever heard of Matthew Kessinger? He was one of the qualifiers who had absolutely no chance to make the Olympic team, yet he skated a very entertaining and solid long program. John Baldwin was also featured in that broadcast - a skater who was making his umpteenth appearance as a singles skater. John flubbed most of his jumps and finished far down the pack, but what the heck, he was trying!!

    If I have to watch another dippy UCAP feature on Sasha Cohen's modeling career or her "ice princess" persona, I'm definitely going to leave the room and clean my bedroom closet.

    Who knows, maybe I'll have a sparkling clean house by the end of this skating season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GASk8Gal
    Personally, I LOVE a good (good being the key word) fluff piece. However, I am an even bigger fan of "Ice Moves", which I feel really help the "newbies" of skating to understand what's going on.
    Yes, the "Ice Moves" are well done and informative. I enjoy watching them and hearing Dick Button, Peggy Fleming, and others explain the jumps and moves of competitive figure skating.

    I used to enjoy the pesonal bios in the old days when figure skaters weren't making millions from touring and commercial endorsements. As far as I'm concerned, and I could be way off base with this opinion, most of the top skaters
    are "walking advertisements". Certainly, they had to train like crazy to reach their level of expertise, but they just don't have anything interesting to say. How many times do we have to listen to Cohen explain her coaching moves, inability to complete a long program, etc? Yes, it's interesting to a certain extent, but let's not be bombarded with these bios at every competition Cohen competes in.
    Please! Let's see some of the other skaters.

    It's insulting to me, as an avid figure skating fan, to think that the networks assume I'm only interested in (1) American skaters and (2) skaters who have a chance to medal. I'd like to see ALL of the competitiors !!!!!!!!!!

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