Excuse me, saying she looks like a raccoon is realllyyy harsh. I personally like it. Terin is a beautiful girl, and it's alright that you don't like her makeup, and if you want to be rude it's better than Carly who can be stuck up at times (still I'm a fan...I'm not going to be harsh on that). Anyhow let's focus on the gymnastics please.

I am thrilled for Terin, Mo and Annia. They really deserve it. I was a little surprsied they didn't take Hollie or Chellsie but I'm sure that was a good descicion, if they are wanting to win team gold. I don't think we will win any event golds this time, however.

Marta did say that if Tasha was looking as good as she was at camp at trials and nationals, they would've taken her. I hope tasha hollie and chellsie stick around for another 4 years..