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Thread: SPteris or Jackson?

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    SP teris or Jackson?

    I am getting new skates. My coach wants me in SP teri deluxe or high end jacksons. I want Grafs but i hear they break down really quickly. i want wilson 99 blades ( w/ k pick) but the rocker is pretty straight. My coach wants me in MK professinals. And What about Risports?
    I am so close to my lutz, just cheating the landing a little. Started working on my axel and im getting ready to work on double salcow. I have cheap club 2000 now.i love the big toepick . (what i eally want is winston 99 w/ k toe pick, if they made it w/ a 7 ft radius instead of 8)
    But the boot is where i have my problem. I could get the really high end jacksons or SP teris super deluxe. Im thinking about grafs but i heard they dont last to long. ( So i was thinking beacuse theyre arnt to stiff i could go one level up, i think to edmonton or galaxy, and it would last longer. IS THIS A GOOD IEAD? ) I Dont want SP teris, they are just TOO stiff. But i need arch suport and i have wide feet and the bigest instep. So i think grafs or Risports.
    I have Jacksons now and i love them, they are not too stiff, but ive had them for 4 years and they are broken in yet. I dont know if i should get the next level up. any help?
    ( my total budget is under $800- american) and my local skate shop sells ridell, spteri and jackson. maybe gam. but they can fit and order any other brand.
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