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Thread: MKF's Most Wanted MK DVDs

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    MKF's Most Wanted MK DVDs

    After much success of the Digital video CDs.... I will be releasing the Michelle Kwan Forever DVDs. each disc will have a menu plus a chapter of every performances she had.

    I'm making a list of what performances to be included in her 12 DVD volume sets. I will record it in the picture quality will be better than any other S-VHS SP mode available............

    I finally made it. To those who waited a long time.... They are here... BEST OF MICHELLE KWAN VIDEO CDS.....ALL HER MAGICAL PERFORMANCES included

    I made this in memory of US greatest ladies skater champion ever. I want her to be remembered forever.... a living legend of figure skating

    Video CD has taken a new leap for skating collection coz you'll never have to worry for FUNGUS and TAPE SCRATCHES. You can play back it a thousand times and there will be no loss of picture and sound

    Video CD are playable on DVD Players and PC via windows media player. if you are in doubt please check your DVD Manual if it supports CDRW playbacks. Most DVD players to date reads MP3, CDR, CDRW and CD Pictures :-)

    Mintek DVD players are the best

    12 DVDs and 8 VHS TAPE LIST
    1992 Junior Nationals SP
    1992 Junior Nationals LP
    1993 US Nats Sp
    1993 US Nationals LP - Miss Saigon
    1994 Olympic Festival LP
    1994 US Nationals SP - Song Of India
    1994 Worlds LP - East of Eden/Man From Snowy River
    1995 Worlds SP - Yellow River
    1995 Worlds LP - Rondo Caprioso
    1996 Worlds SP - Romanza
    1996 Worlds LP - Salome
    1997 US Nationals SP - Dream of Desdemona
    1997 Worlds LP - Taj Mahal
    1997 Skate America SP
    1997 Skate America LP
    1998 US Nationals SP - Rachmaninoff
    1998 US Nationals LP - Lyra Angelica
    1998 Olympics LP - Lyra Angelica plus a gracious interview
    1998 Keri Lotion Classics - Fate Of Carmen
    1998 World Pro Technical - Lamente D' Arianne
    1999 Masters of Figure Skating - A Day In The Life
    2000 Worlds LP - The Red Violin ABC
    2000 Worlds LP Eurosports
    2000 Worlds LP CTV
    2000 Masters of Figure Skating - Rush
    2001 GPF - Miraculous Mandarin
    2001 US Nationals SP - East Of Eden
    2001 US Nationals LP
    2001 Worlds LP - Song Of The Black Swan ABC
    2001 Worlds CTV
    2001 Worlds Eurosports
    2002 Olympics SP - Rachmaninoff
    2002 US Nationals LP - Scheherazade
    2003 US Nationals SP - The Feeling Begins ABC, CTV EURO UK
    2003 US Nationals LP - Concerto de Aranjuez ABC, CTV, EURO UK
    Interviews and Podium
    2004 US Nationals LP - Tosca
    2004 Worlds SP & LP ABC and EURO UK
    2005 US Nationals SP - Spartacus
    2005 US Nationals LP - Bolero
    2005 Worlds ABC, CBC and Euro UK
    2005 Marshalls
    Peter Pan - Disney's Greatest Hits
    After You've Gone - Evening Of Champions
    Green Sleeves - 1995 Worlds Gala
    Together - Springtime On Ice
    California Girls - Too Hot To Skate
    Winter - 1997 Worlds Gala
    I Love Paris - Skating Romance
    On My Own - 1998 US Nationals Gala
    Dante's Prayer - Ultimate 4
    Mulan - 1998 Goodwill Games Gala
    Little Mermaid Medley - Disney's Greatest Hits
    Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Disney's Greatest Hits
    Reflections - Disney's Greatest Hits
    Circle Of life - Disney's Greatest Hits
    Hocus Pocus - Disney's Greatest Hits
    East Of Eden - 1998 World Pro Am Artistic Program
    The Red Violin - 1999 Worlds Gala
    One More Time - Hershey's Kisses
    Kissing You - Keri Lotion
    Hands - 2000 US Nationals Gala
    World Is Not Enough - Champions On Ice
    Beautiful World - 2000 Masters of Figure Skating
    This Time Around - Great American Figure Skating Challenge
    Fields Of Gold - Hershey's Kisses
    Fields Of Gold - Olympic Gala
    Fields Of Gold - 2003 US Nationals Gala
    Worlds Gala 2003 - ABC, CTV, Euro UK - Fallin'
    Worlds Gala 2004 - ABC and Euro Uk - You Raised Me Up
    2005 Worlds Gala - ABC, CBC, Euro UK
    2005 COI - This Used To be My Playground
    CNN Talkasia Interview
    CNN people
    DreamSeekers Channel News Asia Interview
    HK Trips 1 and 2
    Atlanta Medal Presentation
    AE Biography
    The View 1 and 2
    Today NBC
    Princess On Ice
    Mulan On Ice
    Madame Taussade

    Email me at for copies
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    2005 Champions On Ice added

    Added This Used To Be My Playground Video

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    12 mk dvds are sent out today

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    2005 Collection Added

    2005 COI
    2005 Marshalls SP and Pluff Piece

    happy holidays

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    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holidays

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