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    Happy Friends Day!

    Here in Argentina we celebrate Friends Day today. And I wanted to share this celebration with all the skating fans around the globe.
    At the american continent culture its traditional to put dates to honor something. In this case, many years ago, the "friends Day" was created on july the 20, but is good to remember your friends not just that day, but every day of the year. This holiday is very celebrated in Argentina and tha American Continent, but on the rest of the globe it doesn't.
    That's why today I wanted to share this day with all the skating fans around the globe. Happy Friends Day to everyone of you!
    Now, I will translate an article explaining the origen of this celebration.

    Origen of the celebration
    The creator of this celebrations was the profesor, music and argentinian dentist Enrique Febbraro, after the astronauts Neil Amstrong, Edwin Buzz Aldrin y Michael Collins arribed to the Moon on July 20, 1969. For this argentinian friend, above the cientific achievement, this was also become a way to make new friends at other parts of the world. "That day -Febbraro explained- we where all pendant of the destiny of the tree astronauts. We where their friends and them, friends of the universe"
    How do you make a friend? Where can He/She be found? The profesor said that anywhere: at the Bar, in the office, on another city, in any country, around the corner, using internet, traveling, etc.. You just need some disposition to love, to listen, to understand, to open to other person, to feel pleasure to shate their happiness and to join her/him in their grief
    How do you meet a friend? "It's easy, because you don't see it, you feel it" said our friend Febbraro. He also said "My friend is my teacher, mi student, and my fellow student. He teaches mee, and I teach him"

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