OK, while my laptop is currently being repaired, I've been re-stocking my figure skating video collection on the home computer. One of the videos I managed to find from www.cruelladekwan.com (a great site, if you haven't been there yet) was MK's LP from the '98 Olys, which I remember from watching it on TV was flawless. Watching it again, I noticed she had a deep knee landing on the 3flip, which is prolly what kept her from winning gold against an otherwise flawless Tara Lipinski

This immediately got me thinking about MK's LP from the '02 Olys, where all she basically had to do was skate cleanly to win the gold, but she ended up falling. The jump she fell on? Again, a 3flip

So, what is it w/ the 3flip for MK? It seems like, no matter how relaxed she seems to be, the 3flip is her stumbling block in the Olys. It seems like just a psychological thing, b/c most of the time, the 3flip is one of her better jumps (look at her LP at the 2004 Nats).

So what is one to make of this?