I understand the importance of athlete´s "body of work", but in my opinion for that to be really awesome and great in eligible skating, it definetely must besides National and World titles include also one or maybe two Olympic gold medals.

If a skater wins a National title each year and the World title also each year for many years (without getting beaten at all), that is truly great "body of work", but in those competitions only, if that skater still lacks the win of an Olympic gold medal. It is not in my opinion a question of skater´s great appeal or popularity, it is a question with great "body of work" whether a skater manages to win everything there is or not.
Why must a skater win the OGM before "a body of work" be established? It doesn't make sense. Leo Politi and Bill Peet are two important writers of children's literature spanning decades. Neither has won the "Newberry" award (which might be considered the OGM of children's Lit.) Their body of work is impressive, very popular, and important, even without the Newberry........42