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Thread: Top 5 Favorite Songs and Movies and Why!

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    Top 5 Favorite Songs and Movies and Why!

    This is easy for Elfga because I know what I like off the top of my head. They are in no order though.

    #1. Avril Lavigne (Nobody's Home): reminds me of Evanescence, yet with Avril's own flavor. Why do I like this? Well... it's powerful, catchy, and cool I guess! It seems to be about a troubled girl.
    #2. Lennon (My Beautiful): No this isn't John Lennon from the Beatles! This is Lennon Murphy, a 21 year old from Nashville, TN. Don't write her and her band off as an Evanescence rip-off. This song is one of the best I have heard in years. Yes it can be better than some Evanescence songs too.
    #3. Poe (Haunted): A hauntingly, beautiful ballad. I suggest that you not listen to this in the dark though. Well the name says why! This girl is awesome. Also listen to 'Wild' another awesome song that would please Evanescence fans.
    #4. Jewel (Foolish Games): By far one of Jewel's best songs. It's just so beautiful. With unique lyrics (what else would you expect from her?), and it's just great!
    #5. T.a.t.u. (All the things she said): Russia has gaven us many things in the past, but these two faux-lesbian-teens kick arse. I loved this song since I heard it on the radio more than a year back. Catchy, Cool, Bold, Classic!

    Movies now...

    #1. the Terminal: Tom Hanks as an Eastern European immigrant living in a terminal for 9 months. Don't write this off as a crapfest. I thought it was brilliant, interesting, moving and funny. I never laughed so much during a movie. The Russian trying to get the medicine to his goat... I mean dying father scene is classic.
    #2. LXG: OK Elfga admits to liking it because I get to see Stuart Towsend's bare chest, and drool for 1 hour and a half. So what if this was rated the worst film of 2003. The critics are retarded and blind. Dorian Gray all the way baby!
    #3. Princess Diaries: Well this is all FLUFF! So what? I am P.O.ed Major because some Michael Mosovitz is well... not present for the sequel, so Mia has to choose to marry this British guy or Sir Nicholas played by Chris Pine, who is sooooo cute! SQUEE!!!!!!!!!
    #4. Anastasia(1997): Well.... I am too mature to like this silly little film about the possibility of Princess Anastasia Romanov surviving Rasputin's assault on her innocent family. Hey Meg Ryan does her voice! Plus Dimitri (he LOOOVE interest looks like Brendan Fraser)
    #5. the Matrix: It is sooo darned good. Please I won't see the sequels caus eI hear they ain't that good!
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    It would be impossible for me to list only 5 favorites in either category.

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