I got a hold of some old skating tapes and one of them was the 1976 US Nationals. Terry Kubicka skated and got mostly 5.8-5.9 for presentation except for one judge who gave him a 5.5 for the second mark. The crowd didn't like it and let the judges know it.

The next part shocked me. Ben Wright, the President of the USFSA at the time went over to question the judge. There was a huge discussion at the judges table over the 5.5 mark in the middle of the competition! That judge (Matthew Zats?) had to justify his marks right then and there. Of course he did, and the mark stayed as it was.

I must admit that I loved it. It felt more like a sport than ever before. Maybe because I'm used to seeing basketball, tennis or baseball where the players can question the official of the game.

How did we go from that to secret judging? I can't help but think that we have taken several steps backwards.

Anyone who was watching skating at the time, please feel free to jump in. Was questioning a judge a rare occurance? I would imagine that changing a mark would have been even more rare.

What are your thoughts?