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Thread: If they made a Movie?

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    If they made a Movie?

    About the 2002 Olympics who would play?

    Alexei Yagudin: Ben McKenzie
    Evheni Plushenko: Adrien Brody
    Timothy Goebel: Ryan Phillipe
    Takeshi Honda: ?
    Brian Joubert: ?
    Michelle Kwan: Jasmine Trias
    Sarah Hughes: Allison Hannigan
    Sasha Cohen: Christina Ricci
    Irina Slutskaya: Eva Ammuri
    John Zimmerman: ?
    Kyoko Ina: ?
    Elena Berzhnaya: Hannah Spearrit
    Anton Sikharulidze: Hugh Jackman
    Jamie Sale: ?
    David Pelletier: ?
    Xue Shen: ?
    Hongbo Zhao: William Hung
    Marina Anissina: ?
    Gwendal Peizerat: ?
    Irina Lobacheva: ?
    Ilia Averbukh: ?
    Barbara Fusar Poli: ?
    Maurizio Margaglio: ?
    Shae Lynn Bourne: Hillary Duff
    Victor Kraatz: ?
    Nikolai Morozov: ?
    Tatiana Tarasova: ?
    Alexei Mishin: Jack Nicholson
    Marie Reine LaGougne: Cate Blanchett
    Russia Mafia Guy???????:
    Dick Button: ?
    Peggy Fleming: Michael Jackson
    Peter Carruthers: ?

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    Okay, I'll bite.......

    Takeshi Honda.....Jackie Chan
    Dick Button......Gene Hackman
    Kyoko Ina..Lucy Lui
    David Pelletier....Matt Damien
    Gwendal Peizerat......Orlando Bloom.........42

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    Nikolai Morozov: Jude Law
    Takeshi Honda: Jet Li
    Jamie Sale: Sandra Bullock

    Nice ones 42 BTW!

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    You are so right. Adrian Brody would make a really hot Zhenya. Jack Nicholson, William Hung, Michael Jackson= That would be a fantastic movie.

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    Marina Annisina: Mila Kunis of that 70's show
    Tatiana Tarasova: How about Judy Dench
    Jamie Sale; Kelly Ripa with dyed hair

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    SLC Olympics: The Movie

    Maybe Kathy Bates could play Tatiana Tarasova
    Maurizio Margaglio = Jason Patrick
    Illya Averbukh = Johnny Depp
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    Yeah good ones people!

    John Zimmermann: Erik von Detten

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