Here is my LET'S SEE LIST for the forthcoming season::

Michelle - at least one 3x3 combo; preferably two.

Sasha: That quad! but only if necessary; preferably two 3x3s and the conistency under fire.

Irina - As Rhoda would say New York, this is your last chance! Let's see a real old fashion Irina.

Carolina - C'mon make my day. You haven't so far. Let' see.

Yukina - You're the best. Let's see you get a place on the Team.

Shizuka - Let's see you do another personal best.

Michael - the quad, of course, and a whole new approach to choreography.

Johnny = Can you repeat the beautiful skates? Let's see.

Evgeny - I hope the knee is fixed or it doesn't have to be and no excuses in Brian wins.

Brian - Let's see a little smile today.

Stephane - You go guy, you have it all just skate it. Let me see it, please.

All the American and Canadian boys: Let's see consistent programs.

The American and Japanese Ladies: Go ahead, let's see you battle it out for that third place at your Nationals.

Lots to see this coming season. What are yours?