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Thread: The Manchurian Candidate

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    I can't even rent a video here. It is always out. It must be the most popular movie right now (the 1962 version, of course). I will try my luck again this weekend.
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    Just got back from seeing this film--we absolutely loved it! We're looking forward to renting the original. I thought that the ending was perfectly clear. Marco told Shaw that there was a connection deep down between them and that no one could take that away. That is why Shaw refused to press charges against Marco. Shaw saw his opportunity to free himself so he signalled Marco, pulling his mother in tight so they'd both get killed. It was the only way for him to end his suffering and misery and to stop the enemy, which was in part, as he told Shaw, himself. He didn't know how to stop it all otherwise, and, as he said, "Marco is an excellent marksman." He knew he would not miss.

    Rosie shot him in the shoulder to prevent him from committing suicide, which no doubt had been Mommy Dearest's instructions to him. He was deprogrammed, implants extracted and studied then brought to the island for closure. All evidence of what transpired on that island looks to have been destroyed. Nevertheless, the Manchurian connection was exposed, as we saw by the news report at the end.

    There was an important twist that would have been easy to overlook: Towards the end, we hear a news report in the background saying how the Manchurian Corporation would be sponsoring its own troops to "relieve" U.S. forces. Guess they had more plans in mind. These would have been civilian yet company-owned forces supposedly acting on behalf of the U.S. government.

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