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Thread: Was Michelle lucky to win all those World Championships?

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    Was Michelle lucky to win all those World Championships?

    When you are at the top of the heap for a decade, it stands to reason that sometimes you win when you should have lost, sometimes you lose when you should have won, and sometimes you find yourself in a close contest that is decided by a judge's whim.

    Overall, do you think that the skate gods have smiled or frowned upon MK?

    Here's my opinion :D

    1995 – Bad Luck :\ Michelle skates a podium-worthy performance. The judging panel is not prepared to give such a young skater her just desserts.

    1996 – Good Luck Michelle and Lulu skate to a dead heat, with two of the most spell-binding performances of all time. The judges give Michelle the nod.

    1997 – Bad Luck :\ Michelle is for sure a better all-around skater than 14-year-old Tara. But uncharacteristic mistakes in the short program leave her with no chance for gold, despite wining the long.

    1998 – Good Luck Tara doesn’t show up. Michelle comes first with a so-so skate. Irina could have won.

    1999 – Bad Luck :\ Michelle, now at her peak, is way better than Maria B. or anyone else. But she comes down with the flu and Maria skates the championship of her life.

    2000 – Good Luck Michelle does her part by winning the LP, but she still needs help. Slutskaya beats Butyrskaya to hand Michelle the title.

    2001 – Bad Luck :\ The heel of her boot breaks just minutes before the qualifying begins. Her dad sticks it back on with a 6-inch nail. Michelle throws bad luck back into Fortune’s teeth and skates to victory with one boot higher than the other.

    2002 – Neutral. Michelle takes second with an OK skate.

    2003 – Good Luck Early in the season, Michelle does not even want to compete. But then Sarah Hughes is injured, and Michelle is coerced into doing Skate America. She wins brilliantly, decides: Nationals? Why not? Delivers her all-time dazzling performance.

    Another bit of luck – Worlds is in the U.S. that year. Michelle performs before an adoring home crowd and tears the roof off.

    2004 – Bad Luck :\ Murphy’s Law: whatever can go wrong, will. A bad start on hard ice, an unusual time deduction, a streaker. Despite all that Michelle took her best shot, and lost only because of three straight brilliancies by Shizuka.

    2005 – Good Luck. Michelle decides to sit this one out. Everyone else falls down and breaks their leg. The ISU calls Michelle in California. Michelle plays her music over the phone. She wins!

    What do you all think?

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