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Thread: Was Michelle lucky to win all those World Championships?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Dog
    The above quotes pretty much sum up how I feel about Kwan. After all, she only has to skate- the judges are the ones who decide the overall outcome. Sometimes it plays in her favor, other times it doesn't (typically an error on MK's part). Another thing she can't control- her competitors. I say good for her when she wins handily and beats her competitors at their best. Other times she wins when her competitors fall or mess up, and vice versa.

    Isn't that the story of every skater?

    2002 Worlds- I didn't see the short, but I heard she messed up there. IS was stronger IMO in the LP than Kwan, so 2nd place deserved there. That wasn't luck.

    There were also a majority of eastern european judges. That's luck for IS.

    In 2003 Worlds, for example, she had almost no competition. She could have won the thing IMO if she just stood there on the ice. Bad luck, ironically on Irina's part, could have made the difference.

    She had Sasha, Elena S., Elena L, Yoshie, Fumie, Carolina, Julia, etc. the only one missing was IS.

    In 2004 Worlds, she messed up in the QR, which I think got her down. But it was the time deduction in the SP, IMO deserved but still a touch of bad luck (she got away with it at 2004 Nats), which put her out of gold contention. In the LP, despite the distraction she pulled it off, props to her for that. 3rd place IMO deserved.
    Correct! and in the LP, she was the last skater to earn 6.0s in Worlds Competitions.

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