View Poll Results: Who might be most likely to win a gold medal at the 2006 Olympics (Ladies)

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  • Sasha Cohen

    12 27.91%
  • Shizuka Arakawa

    11 25.58%
  • Michelle Kwan

    17 39.53%
  • Other (Please Name)

    3 6.98%
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Thread: Who is the most likely to win a gold medal at the 2006 Olympic Games? (Ladies)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mk06gold
    Who might be the most likely to win a gold medal at the 2006 Olympic Games for the ladies

    In my opinion I think it would be michelle kwan! She is the best. Artistry and probably by 2006. Triple Triple combinations.
    My heart goes to Michelle Kwan and would secretly give anything to see her win this title. Whether you're a fan of her or not, it is hard I think to say she doesn't deserve it after everything. However I don't think she will win. I think she will be on the podium though. If I could choose the podium I would place it 1. kwan, 2. Fumie, 3. Arakawa

    However I'm not fortunate enough to be a judge lol. I don't see an American winning the gold medal in Turino sadly. I think it will be a Japanese woman. Probably Arakawa or Fumie (if she can start nailing those jumps, which I believe she can. She has two seasons to do so and her artistry is above those jumping beans. Based on last season I think the podium will be a japanese winner with two Americans in 2nd and 3rd.

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    The Olympics has a way of turning the "chosen ones" into mush when it counts. It's a toss up really......whoever is left standing at the end of the performances and whoever the judges happen to like that night..............42

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    The last 2 Olympic golds went to two jumping beans. However, until then the judges really valued the artistry in ladies skating. I think they will go for a more balanced approach to skating this time.

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    Who will win in 2006? (Ladies)

    You never know, poeple; there could be some surprises. But out of the choices listed I say either Sasha Cohen or Shizuka Arakawa. I can't decide But I also think there are some other skaters who have a chance. What about ( mind you, most of these skaters are Juniors at the moment, so you have probably never heard of them or heard of them breifly.)
    1 Miki Ando
    2. Akiko Kitamura (Jr. at the moment)
    3. Mai Asada (Jr)
    4. Mao Asada
    5. Danielle Kahle

    Out of those choices ( notice that all of them except for #5 are Japanese skaters ) I say Miki Ando. But you never know. Akiko Kitamura or Mai or Mao Asada may have moved up to the senior level by then and just may or may not be making a name for themselves on the international scene. You never know; the Japanese may come to be one of the biggest powers in ladies figure skating!

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    Mao Asada is too young to compete as a Senior in the 2005-2006 season.

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