Amber Corwin is kind of a nice surprise. I'm a little surprised she's even on the list. But she has been skating well recently, so I think it's well deserved, and nice to see after a somewhat longer career than most.

I'm not surprised that they invited Carolina, but I am surprised they didn't invite Stéphane, especially after the 4th at Worlds. They seem to be picking based on skaters with consistent placings both previously and recently, which I think explains skaters like Lysacek (3 Jr Worlds silvers, consistent JGP seasons). Aside from fairly noteworthy placings at Europeans, Stéphane unfortunately doesn't have a lot. The fact that he's not a major media draw here in the US is another (which I think is absolutely ridiculous considering his calibre, btw)

I also didn't see Elena Liashenko's name; did she retire after last season?