Is anyone else watching? I'm finding that the teams seem a lot more competitive. Each of them has a real chance to get to the end.

Ugh - 2.2 pounds of caviar. I like a little bit, but not straight. It's gotta be on a blini or cracker. Based upon the clips, it seemed like the teams who told themselves to just get it down were able to do it faster. Christie and Nicole kept on dwelling on how gelatinous and nasty it was - definitely setting up a mental roadblock. But, seriously, that's a lot of food to eat in one sitting. My stomach hurt once after eating a high quality 1/2 pound burger once - I had to sit up with a sofa cushion in my lap because it was too uncomfortable to lie down. So, eating 2.2 pounds of anything is amazing.

I'm really not liking Brandon, the Christian model. He wouldn't do a vodka shot because he wanted to set a good example. So, instead, he goes back on his word. Last week, he broke his early alliance with Charla & Mirna. This week, he backed out of staying with Colin/Christie, Chip/Kim & pizza guys. As Kim said, you can't blame them for playing the game. I just have issues with it because he continuously talks about his faith and then turns 2 faced.

Overall, I think my current favorites are the bowling Moms. They are being competitive, but they aren't getting all uptight about stuff. Just having fun while trying their best.