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Thread: Virtue and Moir set a new world record

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    News Virtue and Moir set a new world record

    Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (197.22) defeated France’s Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron (192.81) for the second time this year to win the first Grand Prix Final title of their illustrious career with the new world record. USA’s Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani won the bronze (189.60).
    “It’s been a great week for the two of us,” said Virtue at the press conference. “We’ve been very pleased with all the practices and performances. It’s a steep competition, we knew had to perform our best. We knew that we needed to come in with clear objectives and we wanted to raise the level even more to culminate the full (Grand Prix) series, and I am really pleased with that. I think we really attacked both programs and we have to be proud of that.”

    What are your thoughts on the scoring of the dance teams in general?

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    V/M: Highly overrated.
    P/C: Criminally underrated.

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    V/M: already legends and becoming GOAT (greatest of all time)

    P/C: someday becoming legends and possibly GOAT

    I love both teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pETEs (Sasha Fan) View Post
    V/M: Highly overrated.
    P/C: Criminally underrated.
    An Olympic gold and silver medalist in two successive Games, 6 Senior World Medals (including two Gold), and World Junior Champions "highly overrated?"

    A two time world champion "criminally underrated?"

    Ok then...

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    Well - records are meant to be broken*. Well done! SP this season had higher Base Value so it was bit easier, but they still had to skate great to achieve that.

    * bar those in athletics like 400 metres women by steroid-fuelled Marita Koch.
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    I thought the scoring was correct. IMO V/M have demonstrated in the last two competitions that
    they are superior to the other teams and the judges seem to agree and so do I.

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    I honestly feel vm is a little bit underscored in sd compare to other teams' scores.
    and I know bv is different now so there is no point to compare the record, but vm's pcs is still lower than what dw got at sochi.
    personally can't agree with. especially I feel vm's skating skill is actually better than ever now.
    overall the scores are generally inflated. their sd looks so much better in every aspect but they're only 2 points better than pc's sb..

    maybe just me being crazy about the program.

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    My reaction to their GPF's programs: "Oh Canada"!

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    I love the material that VM have put out this year, and I think that their first place wins and scores are well deserved.

    That being said, PC haven't had the cleanest of performances so far, so I'm looking forward to seeing them go head-to-head with clean skates from all. While I'm a Virtue/Moir fan at heart, I'm looking forward to seeing how PC measure up when they're at their best!

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